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Thread: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Final Trailer and Posters

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    May 19, 2003
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    My bad, me stooopid, lol...

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    May 14, 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by hedrap View Post
    Original quote. Not singling out Hector as this is a shared belief.

    It's stating diversity is a financial booster and the box office proves that. It's not inferring casting was a risk that caused no damage, as you've revised the original statement to mean.

    I was working as an outside analyst at the time for investors. State of the nation and wom had nothing to do with it. You had three generations of fans anticipating this movie. It crushed every quadrant from the first trailer. The debate was whether it was going to beat Titanic.

    You're overlooking the entire reason Sony went along with Marvel. Amazing proved a straight reboot couldn't reach Raimi numbers. Sony agreed to the Marvel co-production because as a marketing tactic, MCU was the only relaunch with the potential to reach '02 numbers.

    That's the point of my comparison. Homecoming could have been as whitebread as '02 and because of the MCU/Premium factor, it still cruises over 100Mil. Diversity is not done for pure financial reasons, but it's also not purely ideological. Studios seek script approval from advocacy groups during development. They don't ask these groups to promote the movie because it can actually backfire as a marketing tactic, but they want to make sure these groups don't target the movie for being insensitive or uninclusive. It's a pure political decision to pacify advocates and the motive is not just financial but for the company/people to be seen as ideologically correct to these groups/communities.

    While I agree a high school in NYC would have a diverse makeup of students, it then becomes absurd to keep Peter as non-regional white as they did. As Chris pointed out, Homecoming has a lot of hallmarks of Ultimate Spidey. If you look at the Sony leaked papers, or Fiege's early comments, it's pretty clear this reboot was being groomed for Miles. It was only when the Russos took over MCU that you see a solid change back to Parker.

    Make whatever version of Ultimate Spider-Man - Miles comic, Peter cartoon - but subtract the MCU/Marvel-Team featuring Iron Man, and supposedly it would have done better numbers than Amazing because, millenials and diversity.

    Without Iron Man, this would have done worse than ASM2. Annnd on cue....
    Thanks for taking the time to clarify. I not only misinterpreted Hec's statement, but also misunderstood your box office analysis. Seems my pasture days are drawing nearer than I've realized...apologies to you both!

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Nothing to apologize for. You're not wrong in your assessment. Hec's right when it comes to marketing towards Millenials, my problem is that there's more proof it doesn't work than does. It's a weird contradiction for established mediums to target Millenials, when that's the same group who openly rejects their outlets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazoo View Post

    Oh yeah, one more thing - as a huge "Better Call Saul" fan seeing Michael Mando getting a setup for the sequel was AWEEESOOOOOME!
    they set up LOTS of characters! Donald Glover (who people thought was going to be Spidey, when he was cast in the film has a cool character coming. The Sinister Six on the horizon. Knowing who Ned is, I saw him differently than my non comic fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brue View Post
    they set up LOTS of characters! Donald Glover (who people thought was going to be Spidey, when he was cast in the film has a cool character coming. The Sinister Six on the horizon. Knowing who Ned is, I saw him differently than my non comic fans.
    For sure! I'm specifically excited for Mando, because the first time I saw him on Orphan Black I thought he was really great. He came into a roll that could have been really cliche and made it fun and really interesting.

    I was glad when he showed up on "Saul" too. It's exciting to see an actor do something awesome in smaller roll and then watch their career take off.

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    I've got give them credit for creating a new character. Instead of taking an existing character and changing their race...they created a new one. That's been my point all along.

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    Finally got to see Homecoming over the weekend and thought it was really good, every time Marvel Studios releases another movie I wonder if they will drop the ball, and against all odds they keep making good films. It's hard to be too concerned with the changes to supporting characters when I think back to the Marvel efforts we all grew up watching, where supporting characters and villains from the comics were rarely even present in their TV/Movie efforts. How many generic bad guys did Spidey and Hulk fight every week back in the day? Captain America in the 2 TV Movies also had no one from the comics, and even Steve Rogers was changed drastically, but I watched anyway and never dreamed we'd have movies about those characters on this level.

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