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Thread: Vintage GiJoe, Captain Action, etc...

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    Apr 17, 2012

    Vintage GiJoe, Captain Action, etc...

    Everything is plus shipping.

    Adventure Team Talking Astronaut. Includes original box and box bottom.

    Figure is in great shape, I didn't see any hair loss. He does talk, it's a little scratchy but you can hear the commands. His suit needs a good clean.

    $145 plus shipping

    Green Beret jacket and tanker radio.

    Jacket could use a clean, but nice aside from that. $10 + ship
    Tanker Radio, $20 + ship

    Adventure Team Sabotage sweater, pants, boots and oar. Original AT sticker, the sweater could use a clean.

    $13 + ship

    Vintage GiJoe Flying Space Adventure camera and Gyro Ring. SOLD

    Vintage Captain Action Dr. Evil with Playing Mantis shirt and pants. $50

    Vintage 1973 Takara Henshin Cyborg INAZUMAN. $95

    1979 Kenner Alien. All original, no reproduction parts and is complete. I did restring the arms because those were loose. The dome has a small hairline crack on the back. $245

    GiJoe Japanese SOTW, Good condition, nice and tight. SOLD

    Vintage Henshin Cyborg Android. Includes box and insert, box has seen better days. The Android is in nice shape. $125

    McFarlane Monster's Series, Frankenstein $12

    Vintage GiJoe Race Car driver. Comes on a nice painted hair red head, some eyebrow wear. Suit has a small blue discoloration on the front, and the helmet has a little crack in the green visor.


    Original GiJoe coffin boxes.

    Man of Action, no bottom $40
    Action Marine, (r) circle R marked, includes bottom. SOLD
    Talking Soldier, no bottom. $65

    No busted corners on any of these, expect usual wear.

    Carded GiJoe accessories.

    Machine gun set, $45
    MP set, this is a Triple TM card, so it's first issue. $85

    Captain Action Items:

    Jetpack is sold
    Flash gun, $10
    Flash propellant wand, small melt $15
    Buck Rogers gun, missing little tab, $20
    Superboy lab set, $35
    Dr. Evil Hypogun, $20
    Dr. Evil helmet, $50
    Dr. Evil Dr. Ling mask $50
    Dr. Evil lab coat, needs a clean, $60

    Phantom, tip of knife broken. $50

    Phantom parts, $20

    [B]Action Boy Space suit parts. Silver is nice, emblem is a paper copy. Right sleeve is messed up some. $45/B]

    Action Boy Beret X2 and boot. $22

    Superman, Batman and Lone Ranger, buy all for $38, one Lone Ranger mask is sold

    Captain Action Jet Pack set. One exhaust has been repaired. One glove has a split. SOLD

    Jet Pack helmet and boots, boots have splits. $20

    Marine Jungle Fighter Shirt, some discolorations and fading does have all of the original patches. SOLD

    Henshin Cyborg 99, $20
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    Apr 17, 2012
    Lowered some prices bump...

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    Pm sent to you with a question about an item.

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