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Thread: Custom AHI/Mego Universal Monsters/Boxes

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    Jan 20, 2011
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    FS Custom AHI/Mego Universal Monsters/Boxes

    I have some very nice and excellent condition custom AHI/Mego Universal Monsters with custom repro AHI window boxes, set of 5.
    I've had these for a little while stored never put on display or played with, and I am trying to space out some things and I figured
    they would find a good home with a museum member here.

    (Dracula) is on a type 2 mego body with original ahi head, very nice clean and sharp looking, clothes are a combo from Doc Mego and FTC
    his cape was custom made by a museum member.

    (Frankenstein) very nice custom head sculpt and hands paints done by one of are museum members, nice type 2 mego body and clothes were a mix
    from Doc Mego and FTC.

    (Mummy) Original AHI head, very nice paint, type 2 POTA Cornelius body, his mummy wrap outfit done by Brian Leitner.

    (Wolfman) Original AHI head with a little paint touch up, type 2 mego body with werewolf hands and feet, clothes done by Brain Leitner.

    (Invisible Man) Since I didn't have a Creature from the Black Lagoon, I decided to substitute it for the Invisible Man, its kind of a kit bash custom.
    He is on a mego type 2 body, clothes from FTC, the head is FTC Galahad with white cloth material over head.
    I think someone here can do a much better job on fixing the head.

    All custom AHI boxes were done by Toyroom. If anyone is interested please PM me and thanks for checking them out.
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