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Thread: Pod Stallions 52: Tom Baker

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    Plaid Stallions Pod Stallions 52: Tom Baker

    Episode 52 is a unique turn on our usual tribute shows as the subject we're speaking about is still alive and well.

    We salute veteran actor Tom Baker in this month's show and celebrate not only his tenure as Doctor Who, where he cemented the character into pop culture but also his amazing turns in other films and television productions.

    Some of the subjects we touch upon are Sinbad movies, Amicus horror, the mutations, action figures, Cluedo, Remington Steel, Dungeons and Dragons and George Segall as Robin Hood?

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    I'll have to listen and see if you guys talk about him being on 'Blackadder'.

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    This was a nice way to spend the morning. Like so many others, Tom Baker is "my" Doctor. My first time seeing Doctor Who was on my PBS station the first day we moved to NC (I was 6), and we cut on and found the first episode of "The Ark in Space," and I was hooked from then. I agree that he remains "the" Doctor for many. My rankings of the others can change over time, but he stays my favorite, especially from those first three seasons.

    My dad actually recognized him from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and, after seeing it one Saturday afternoon on TBS, that drove me to want to see other roles he was in. I can remember watching the episode of Remington Steele and The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood just to see him. I also remember watching his Hound of the Baskervilles on A&E in the mid-80s. Years later, I remember being amused to find him in Pasolini's The Canterbury Tales, and I finally saw him as Rasputin in Nicholas & Alexandra, which I think is one of his best performances. His work remains fun, including the good run on Monarch of the Glen, where he came on playing a brother to Richard Briers' character.

    Thanks for another trip down memory lane.
    Hugh H. Davis

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    Great discussion as always. Being a recent Whovian convert, I didn't know much of anything about Baker that I haven't learned from you guys, and now I know more. Some good (being nice with his child fans) and bad (being kind of a prick to the other Doctors). He sounds just as eccentric and whackidoo as his character...which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Even I got a bit choked up in the 50th special when Baker showed up. I knew how important he was, and I did catch a few episodes on PBS back in the 80s.


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