Lion Rock soldier for sale $25 shipped in USA. Has some holes in his pants, but looks good aside from that. There is a little pistol in his holster.

Lion Rock guy.jpg

I also have these other random action figures available if anyone's interested in buying or trading for them.

The following are no longer available:
Grizzly (top row: guy with beard in black, sleeveless outfit).
Guy in red shirt and blue pants (top row on the right)

The following are no longer available:
He-Man knock-offs on the bottom row with tiger head and dinosaur head.

Man-E-Faces is no longer available.

If you want to trade, I'm looking for:
3.75" Micronauts
Super Powers
GI Joe (Vintage 12")
Comic Action Heroes (Hulk, Spider-Man, Shazam & Penguin +stands and accessories for pretty much the entire series)
Pocket Super Heroes (Superman, Green Goblin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Captain America, and Lex Luthor)
Masters of the Universe (Faker, Trapjaw, Scareglow, Zodac)
Masters of the Universe Classics
Universal Monsters