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Thread: Godzilla vs Gojira

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    Godzilla vs Gojira

    For the sake of convenience I'm going to refer to the 1956 Godzilla King of monsters as Godzilla and the 1954 original as Gojira.

    I've always loved Godzilla but thanks to TCM I finally seen Gojira.

    Wow, Gojira is so much better !!!

    It's almost "epic"

    One thing I don't understand about the editing, why do they cut out the theory of how Godzilla came to be ?

    Gojira had a nice theory that's I've never heard before, basically Zilla was an unknown deep see creature that was mutated by atomic blastes.

    Godzilla's poor editing made it seem like he was a dinosaur that was woken up by an A bomb.
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    They are both very good. Gojira is the better film and much darker. But I think Godzilla is a more fun monster movie.
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    Gojira is one the grimmest monster movies ever. It's also a great film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil View Post
    Gojira is one the grimmest monster movies ever. It's also a great film.
    Agreed, And you've got to remember, it's grimness lies in the fact that, by and large, it was a Japanese commentary on the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki vaguely hiding under the veil of a monster movie when the actual monster IS the grim spectre of death by nuclear destruction.
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    I like both for different reasons,

    But Gojira is the better film.
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