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Thread: Couple of Questions

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    Couple of Questions

    If you didn't read my other thread I started about collecting again, I recently started back collecting after about 14 years out of the hobby. Back in the day, Dr Mego had a ton of products for customizing, etc. Perusing his site now, he seems to have scaled a lot of that back. No emblems? Is there a reason for that? Is there someone else making some of those repros now?

    Also, back in the day, I made a few custom megos. Two of them that I wish I hadn't sold were a Sulu and Chekov. I got the head sculpts from one of the big customizers at the time, but I don't remember who. Anyone know who made those, and does he still do them? I also had a Green Lantern and Flash project in the works at one point, but sold the heads off before I finished them. Do people still do custom heads or did people just give up on that after all the new-retro Mego like figures came out? I'd rather customize an old figure than buy one of the new "fresh made" figures.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Custom Heads still exist: Search the Forum of posts by megowgsh, Austin still has heads and Suits for sale.
    Both CTVT ( and Dr. Mego have Parts, As well as the
    Check each and compare prices to maximize your purchases.

    Emblems can be found on ebay, or if your good with a Computer, Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator, and have access to a color printer, you can make your own.

    As to the question, whether if "people make customs or just buy all new Retro Figures", I'd say it depends upon the individual person. For me, as an example, it comes down to price: If it is cheaper to make the custom than
    to buy the ( preferably loose) retro figure, then I'll make the custom. If not, then I buy it.
    Even though you'll find that for some of us, the Retro Figures all have some "tweaking" needed to make
    them fit our own individual "tastes". My brother and I often use to call this the "Joker Debate": Does the Mego Joker
    look better to you with White Hands or Purple Hands? Traditionally either is acceptable. But When you think of the Joker,
    does he wear Purple Gloves, or is his White Hands always showing?

    Then there is the issue of what I call "upgrading to a 2.0 figure". A recent case in point, I had a custom Green Lantern
    made about 10 years back, that I recently upgraded to a 2.0 figure, because I was able to acquire a Mattel Retro
    Green Lantern, which even with the loose legs of the Mattel Retro figures, he is still an improvement
    over my custom GL, and for the price, I couldn't pass him up.

    This hobby is highly subjective, and the simplest answer will be "Whatever fits your needs."
    "I don't do it for the haters, I do it for the players." --snoop dogg

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    right on. I managed to find Dr Mego's full website, I was looking at the links from the Mego Museum. His full website has more stuff, but I still don't see emblems. I do not have a color printer, so I am out for making my own. Anyone else make emblems that you all would recommend?

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    Many emblems can be found on ebay. Also, consider contacting Dr. Mego directly, not all items are listed. And, LaserMego (a member here with his own website) sells fantastic vinyl custom emblems and many other items.
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    WANTED: POTA Fortress signal-flasher--top portion; POTA Forbidden Zone prison doors; vintage Galahad box; minty Wolfman tights; Black Knight sword; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; POTA knife-sword; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes.

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    Welcome back, to the same old dream that we talked about.
    Custom Mego is alive and well. We have all kinds around here. From vintage and how to spot it, to repro and what you can expect. This is the freaking Mego Museum! Get ready to have your mind blown. Mr. Seven posts with access to the Lounge.

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    Thanks everyone. I appreciate the help and advice.

    I don't know how I got into the members lounge, I did talk to someone on the fb page about verifying my account. To be fair, I go back to the old, old, old boards in the late 90s where it was one big long white page with all the topics on that one page. Kinda like the old imdb boards. I don't know if that counts for anything of veteran status.

    Personally, I always thought it was more fun customizing the vintage figures. It's nice to have all the new run of figures from Figures Toy Co, but there's a lot to be said for doing it yourself as well. I'm not real artistic though, so I relied on the sculpts from others for heads and such. I was surprised to find a green lantern, flash, and scarecrow outfit in my Mego box that I had started to customize before getting out. I do not have the GL and Flash heads though, at least I can't find them. I may have lost or sold them.

    Thanks again!

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