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Thread: 1979 Palitoy Commander Power Catalog (Super Joe)

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    Plaid Stallions 1979 Palitoy Commander Power Catalog (Super Joe)

    In 1976, Hasbro Toys had abandoned the G.I. Joe action figure , the following year Joe returned 4 inches shorter and now in the future as "Super Joe" which lasted two brief years.

    Hasbro's UK distributor Palitoy (Who was still busy selling 12" Joes as Action Man) decided to release Super Joe into the United Kingdom. Like a lot of their product lines, Palitoy did a massive rebranding of the concept. Joe became Commander Powerand he was only joined by two other characters at the time, Gor King of the Terrons and the Shield. Judging by how hard it is to find the toys from this line, it's fair to summize that it wasn't terribly successful. However, it is quite nice to look at:

    Check out the Palitoy Commander Power Catalog here.

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    nice. I did not realize the Palitoy commander came in the red suit. Palitoy had much nicer artwork on their packaging. I love the SJ line, it was fun and imaginative. too bad they were so poorly made

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    As a kid I loved Super Joe. A Joe in a close scale to my Megos was near perfect. I get with collectors hate it, but the 70s kid in my wins out.
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    Super Joe also had superior articulation compared to Mego, and those fantastic kung fu grip hands... both of which, sadly, could not stand the test of time.

    It is interesting that Palitoy skipped Darkon and Luminos, but still went that deep on the accessory sets. I don't even remember seeing a Rocket Command Center until I was an adult collector.

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