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Thread: Pic request from a Noob - Marvel Retro related

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    Pic request from a Noob - Marvel Retro related

    Sorry if this is in another thread but I'm curious if there are pics here of the Marvel retro suits on the Type-S bodies? I'm "considering" getting into these but want a better body than the standard issue. Also a more stupid question. I never had the Mego Thor so I have no idea if his helmet is permanently attached to his head or not. Can the classic helm sit on the new/modern head? I need to relive my youth with some Avengers Megos.

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    I have Spider-Man and wolverine on S type bodies and the suits fit fine. The
    original Thor helmet had a peg that attached to a hole that is in his head.
    Unfortunately many of the pegs broke over the years. I have not
    Really seen the new Thor figure and couldn't tell you if the old helmet would fit
    the new head. I would not try it in fear of breaking that peg.
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    Lot of info here, been awhile since I read thru it, but might be helpful to you:

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