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Thread: Did you ever follow the story-line and characters defined by the toy company?

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    For the most part, I mean I kept the villains as the villains when playing with my Megos, with the exception of Mr Spock, my only Trek Mego, he was an alien super genius villain. The SMDM Bigfoot often found itself fighting my Mego hero's but I didn't mix and match scales to much. Micronauts did not mix with Star Wars, even though they were the same scale. Micronauts were so much different looking to me they just didn't fit in the SW universe.

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    Most of the time I followed how the characters were portrayed but often made my own adventures too.

    I would love to hear stories of how kids nowadays mix the WWE Legends with the modern figures (since both are available at retail in the same waves). Maybe a kid has The Iron Sheik and John Cena teaming up?

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    I remember, mixing adventures with Megos and the ahi monsters, Supes vs Franky, Batman battling Dracula,
    Tarzan vs Wolfman and Aquaman battling CFTBL, I forget who duked it out with the Mummy? think it was Shazam.

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    My far-too-long answer has to be that I started out yes and then branched out to no. When I was first getting into a line when I was little, I did very much keep that line separate as I "learned" the storyline, etc. However, once I had the basics down, I used those storylines as the launching pad. When I first got into Masters of the Universe, for example, I followed the scenarios of the books with the figure (even before it got the story from the cartoon); as the cartoon mythos became the main ones, I adapted to those somewhat as well, creating my own versions of those adventures (in the days of rabbit ears, I actually couldn't pick up the cartoon in its first year but knew the nuts and bolts enough to inform my play). I mixed lines but not scale sizes of figures, so the 9 1/2" Legends of the West could be with the Gabriel Lone Ranger, but no MOTU with them.

    What changed for me really was the advent of the Super Powers line. Where I'd had distinct play scenarios that separated MOTUand Empire's Legends of the West (my all time favorite line, though I did mix in the Legend of the Lone Ranger and Zorro 3 3/4" figures with them), the need to consolidate space created my most long-standing imaginative landscape. I had one play table on which I kept my figures, and though I had made the space work when shared by those two lines and a few other random figures (Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain were on opposite ends, "facing" off), when I received the SP Hall of Justice along with a few of the first wave (I had gotten Batman separately and basically played with him alone), something had to give to fit everything on one table. I worked out this elaborate-for-my-age scenario about Skeletor having seized power over Eternia (which became the setting for that table), and Castle Grayskull and Snake Mountain became one side of the table and the home for all the villains, while the heroes regrouped and huddled behind the now-transported Hall of Justice. My kid logic said that Eternians were larger and stronger than humans, so I could mix the scales of 5" fantasy and 3 3/4" "other" figures. This was around the time I first saw "The Five Doctors" serial on Doctor Who, so I reasoned Skeletor was using his own version of a Time Scoop (often the base of Point Dread, since the top & the Talon Fighter were pretty firmly kept on Grayskull) to bring people to join his army to Eternia (I figured the magic was unstable and brought others as well, hence those joining He-Man in the fight). The main lines I truly collected as a child were MOTU, Super Powers, Legends of the West, and the LJN AD&D, so those scales were combined into this constant battle of good vs. evil in the Eternian wastelands (the space between the playsets). (The D&D figures made for a nice balance, with ones like Northlord used alongside the Masters and Strongheart working well beside Superman.) So long as they either were in logical scale with He-Man or smaller, they were integrated. (Even though I had the entire A-Team, it was the larger figures, so they stayed separate.) As a birthday or Christmas present got me a random figure from another line, they joined in (a Thundercat or a Starrior might be there, as were a couple from GI Joe: RAH plus Han Solo, Lobot, and a couple of droids). The Time Scoop brought in Indiana Jones, who fought alongside Wyatt Earp, while Skeletor had the Cairo Swordsman and Toht as henchmen (the Well of Souls, with the Ark removed, made for a good torture pit beneath Snake Mountain). Even if I didn't have much of a line, what I knew from the cartoons fleshed out the adventures in my head, so that Cobra and Storm Troopers and Parademons were all part of the evil army, and the various Joes were part of the resistance alongside Man-at-Arms, Batman, and Bat Masterson. Even the few Fisher-Price Adventure People I had became part of the action, alongside a "Mr. Goodwrench" set I got one birthday. I primarily used knock-off figures as villains, just to keep sides even. Even as I got older and played with them less, so long as that table was set up, I kept that storyline in my head. Since I wasn't playing with them but didn't just want random figures lying flat, I would occasionally set up little scenes, all continuations of this scenario.
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    I wasn't allowed any Star Trek Mego figures back in the day, but if I'd had them I would have attempted to create my own stories based roughly around the show's format.

    When Star Wars came along, my first two figures were the Jawa and the Tusken Raider. All my subsequent adventures revolved around a world I created based on my own version of what Jawas were like. They had super-strength, and would beat the crap out of any Stormtrooper or Death Squad Commander who dared give them trouble. Later on, more Jawas were added to the family, and my main Jawa had his own house and neighborhood with a lot of droids hanging around. Down the block was a cardboard box serving as a Sentry grocery store (which was a small grocery chain we had around my area at the time), and it was run by my first actual Mego: the Black Hole Sentry robot. Get it? Anyway, a lot of the adventures involved either Stormtroopers attacking my Jawa's home, or my Jawa crash-landing his ship on some remote planet. A later spin-off was with a Hoth Han Solo and a Hoth Rebel Soldier named "Fred" and "Trevor" respectively, and they flew around in my old Space: 1999 Eagle ship (which I had repainted light blue with "battle damage" spots) and had adventures usually involving being chased by a Star Destroyer Playset. They occupied the same world as the Jawa family, and were friends with them.

    When I got into RAH G.I. Joe a few years later, it was totally influenced by my reading the comic book first, and not at all by the cartoon which I never watched. So all G.I. Joe adventures ran very much in line with the comic's storyline, and took place in a different universe from the Star Wars one, which was still set up on the other side of the room, and another universe still from the LEGO universe which was in the other corners of the room. Since I was older at that point, G.I. Joe adventures were a bit more mature and serious, and would often carry over to live action role-playing with my brother in the fields or woods by my house, carrying plastic M-16s and pretending to be Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow during the 'Nam.

    Next came a very brief time with the early Transformers, mostly sticking to the comic book storyline there as well, before I moved on to focusing all my resources on BMX/skateboarding, playing games on my Commodore 64, and attempting to chase girls.

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