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Thread: NECA TMC3 Leatherface

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    NECA TMC3 Leatherface

    Now up for Pre-Order. I'm honestly losing track.

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    Happy these monster figures are getting made but not really my thing. I love NECA' style but sure would like it if they covered some properties I had affinity for.

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    Good to see one of the horror figures again, but not my favorite film, and I'm not crazy about the look of it.

    For customizers, great Mad Max leg brace, though...

    Hopefully, we get some more SciFi and Horror figures, I'm ready for them!
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    This is interesting, if not predictable. I will probably buy 1 for display and perhaps a couple of these to use for customs. Although I enjoy the horror genre and the first two TCM films, IMHO characters from comics and action/sci fi films and shows typically seem to translate better as figures. NECA needs to realize that not all of us toy collectors sit around listening to metal and mostly watching horror films. I think most of us prefer variety and in praise of NECA, they've certainly covered a broad-spectrum by releasing figures from franchises such as Planet Of The Apes, Rocky, Rambo, Terminator and Aliens/Predator. The Evil Dead/Ash Vs. Evil Dead figures turned out nicely as well.

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