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Teemu & PeterRR,

I got One:12 Deadpool today from EE. Bargain for $65 free Shipping! You are right he is best Deadpool figure currently available and my favorite so Far! Wade stands out among my other One:12 Marvel- 2 Caps, Miles Spidey, Punisher and 3 Daredevils! His cloth costume is so bright read and love the weapons! Hope regular Wolverine is next Marvel shipping!

Mezco One:12 Marvel and DC are shaping Up and Expanding! Modern Mego 45 years later!
While Mezco's "interpretations" are sometimes questionable,they are kinda like the Charlee Flatt of today (but in 6 inch scale)

I have the Yellow Classic Wolverine,Classic Spider-Man,Classic Dr Strange ordered and hope to see a Classic Thor in the near future along with Falcon,Green Goblin,Dr Doom,Hawkeye etc