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Thread: Pin Mate Star Trek bridge playset

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ssylyss View Post
    I can't wait to see what is coming in '17. Hope there are some play sets planned as well. Have you considered selling figure blanks that could be used for customizing? Not sure if there would be a demand for them, but I would buy some.
    Thank you! We do have various non-licensed concepts we are working on - but they are just concepts now until we have wider support at retail. 2017 should be the year you see this line all over the U.S., and that should lead to additional product types such as playsets and vehicles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BifBangPow! JLabs View Post
    Thank you! We have a few more surprises in store for our Mego fans...
    I was wondering if the Mego surprises are in the 8 inch Mego format, or are you referring to Pin Mates. I sure would like to see some 8 inch offerings from BBP in 2017, maybe some more TZ?

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