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Thread: ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set $79.99

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    Great set. Thank you for posting. I'm in.
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    My set arrived today and after building the other two figures (Office Rogers and Super Soldier) I have to say I like this set quite well. The Super Soldier gear is quite impressive and fits him perfectly. I placed that head and outfit on a Mego original type 2 body. Plus that transparent shield is rocking (The best accessory in the set). The paint apps and tailoring here are excellent. Officer Rogers is equally nice. I like the fact the hat is molded on and not something you have to fuss with. It looks perfect on him and the outfit is also another winner. The retro War-time Cap is the surprise here. I didn't think I was going to care much for that one, but the modifications on that original Mego mold are actually quite good and the paint apps, especially on the eyes, really sell the look as being something quite different and special to that period. It works. I also like that they used a similar design on the back of his vintage shield that allows Cap to hold it just like the 12 inch Mego Cap does. It's definitely a worthwhile addition to the series and with Thinkgeek having it on sale right now, I wouldn't pass it up.
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