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Thread: ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set $79.99

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    Lonnie,did you try going on another computer or do you have an ipad?

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    Powersthatbe, how does the revised head sculpt on the vintage Cap look?

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    looks good,but I think its just the retro cap head repainted.the clear shield is kind of nifty if anyone is thinking of doing a reb brown 70s tv cap.

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    Finally!! I had to call and order over the phone. The guy I talked to was super cool and the hold music was super cool! The song I heard was "Chiron Beta Prime", which I'm sure nobody here, but me, has ever heard. True to their 'geek' name, for sure. So, I can't wait to get them!!

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    Received my ThinkGeek Cap in the mail and he's pretty awesome. The 40's cap head is a new sculpt with the same cap outfit and flap boots, the super soldier outfit with the clear shield is my favorite part of this set.

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    My set was waiting for me when I got home - pretty cool variant! Especially like the Super Soldier outfit and translucent shield.
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    Got mine too!

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    Not familiar with clear shield other than 70s TV Reb Brown Cap had as mentioned. Also looks like 90s energy shield Cap temporarily had when he lost his original disc shield.

    Now we need Reb Brown Cap Set with his motorcycle helmet and visor, clear shield and 2 different Cap costumes from pilot and 2nd 70s Cap TV Movies!

    Lou Ferigno/ Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk and Nicholas Hammond Spider- Man 70s TV sets as well!

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    More pics please!

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    this set is rather nice ,terribly expensive ,still on the fence about it ,but i am sure ill get one .would have been cooler if he had a removible
    cowl ,would like to have seen the 40s cap with red hands and cuffs done like green arrow except it red .#2000 sets ,thats far more then Daredevil for
    a variant which was #1500

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