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First of all, Steven Stanton's Alec Guiness is jaw dropping. I mean chillingly spot on!

They were wise not to show Luke close up. Not quite sure how close to ANH this timeline is, and maybe they didn't want to define it by showing Luke's age.

The Maul duel lasting only seconds was also smart. They can't, in animation, do better than the Ewan MacGregor / Ray Park fight. And, by this time, when he's "Old Ben" Kenobi, A New Hope establishes that he is eyeblink quick when he needs to be in the Cantina fight. Having a long, drawn out, acrobatic duel with Old Ben vs. Maul would have people crying foul because that is contrary to his fighting style against Darth Vader. It was well done.

Exactly yes.


Very much like a samurai or a gunslinger.

The combatants are not supposed to prolong a conflict, a quick victory mean life and death, if a long fight can be avoided, a swift put down needed.

Aside from that, Obi-wan remembered all too clearly that Darth Maul used a similar technique against Qui-Gon which disarmed the Jedi with a flat block and upward push using the long handle of Maul's lightsaber, held horizontally.

Right, left, middle combination would be easy to see in advance for a very skilled and very experienced Jedi. (Jedi reflexes)