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Thread: And then there's Maude

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    Megomuseum News And then there's Maude

    Wow, it took me three days for the haze to clear out of my head. Fun wipes me it out it seems.

    So this year, I decided to use "My whole ***" to give Steve a helping hand and allow him the freedom to run the meet the way he envisioned it. So instead of getting a dealer table, I ran registration. Welcoming as many folks as I could to the meet and hopefully being as inclusive as possible. We're not quite a toy show, I think it's somewhat better than that.

    I was happy to see all the returning faces like Mike, Austin, the Arendsen crew, Bill and Leah, the Gordy's, Paul Clarke, Chris and Stacey, Larry and Julie, Paul (Daremo), Matt Jaycox, Dans both Crandall and Pearson, Rob T, Bob and David, Scott (Axe, nice to meet Julie) , Paul Wasson (sadly minus his son), Derek, Bryan, Rche, The Bronx crew, Gabriel, Barret, Brue and Lili, Mike P, Brian L, Ed and Jen (OK I see them all the time), Doug and Prescott, Roberto and Tom, Joe and Fletcher, Charlie, the list just goes on and on.

    I never get to spend as much time as I would like with any of you. We talked a lot about toys but then came discussion about kids, work, families, moving (sorry) and other things, this is friendship.

    Also, I got to finally meet people that I corresponded with previously like Ron and David, Troy and Nannette (who was so awesome she tidied my messy registration table), Andrew and his great family, Troy K and his family, folks like Jason (Brown Bear), Mike D and och I'm forgetting people's names! I'm sorry, I'm the front door guy that's bad with names.

    I would like to lay the following thanks down:

    Art- Thanks for the generosity of that party, that was a lot of fun and really put us on the right track.

    Tom- You're a mensch, all I can say, appreciated the food like you wouldn't believe.

    Kevin- The banners you provided were amazing, thanks so much. Also, your family rocks.

    Chris Hummel- For taking the helm and doing a better job than me. Also, for all the amazing snacks.

    Rob T- For everything including the generous liquid donations to the Mego Suite.

    Mike C- Your key chains made for so many smiles.

    Scott P- Thanks for the awesome "Superman box" for kids as well as the amazing shirt. I've already gotten compliments.

    Paul Wasson- THANK YOU for solving a five year problem for me.

    Chris Noone & Co.- I love the big toy auction. You're just awesome to watch.

    All customs auction contributors, thank you for helping us keep the ship afloat.

    Most of all Steve, the sarcasm doesn't hide the veneer of caring. You made this thing rock and I was there to witness how much you do.

    My gratitude to each and every one of you for really getting into the spirit of things, I saw it all weekend, people bonding, jumping in, helping. Speaking for myself, I am overwhelmed. It takes a village.

    Before I left for Chicago, I had dramatically deemed this "My Last Mego Meet".As some of you know, I'm not in a great place and was determined to go out with a bang, have fun and leave on a high note. Now? I think it would kill me not to be there in some capacity.

    I didn't come home with many toys, I had a small suitcase this year and the focus of a toddler. I came home with something else and it's worth more than a Kresge carded Shazam. Thank you.

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    I'm very happy to hear that you had such a positive experience sir, you needed it!

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    Glad to Help out in any way possible... Don't you DARE Abandon the Meet... We will hunt you down in the Great white North and drag you back!!! I Couldn't possibly concieve what you and Steve have to go through to make sure all runs smoothly for the Weekend but the Transition last year from Wheeling to Chicago and this year again looked to have gone off without a hitch... Each year it gets Bigger and Better!
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    When I first seen this thread I thought someone brought a Bea Arthur Maude custom to the meet and had pics
    that would have been sweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    I came home with something else and it's worth more than a Kresge carded Shazam. Thank you.
    Ach, you're making my eyes all sweaty.
    WANTED: Dick Grayson SI trousers; gray AJ Mustang horse; POTA Fortress signal-flasher--top mirrored portion or mirror sticker; POTA Forbidden Zone prison doors, walls, bar; minty Wolfman tights; mint Black Knight sword; minty Launcelot boots; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Lion Rock Franky squared boots; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes, BBP TZ Burgess Meredith glasses.

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    Seems like a few us were in the same boat this year. Glad we were collectively able to make you feel better over the course of the weekend. As the cliche goes "that's what friends are for" and I truly believe it's what brings us all together every year. Hopefully you do return next year. The only downer of this whole thing is when someone can't/doesn't come they are sorely missed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    We're not quite a toy show, I think it's somewhat better than that.
    ... I came home with something else and it's worth more than a Kresge carded Shazam. Thank you.
    My sediments exactly.

    Thank you for all you have done for the Museum and the show.

    It wouldn't be the same without you.

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    Always great seeing you B. I loved hearing about the plans for the toy room. I can't wait to see pics.
    WANTED: Boxed, Carded and Kresge Carded WGSH

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    felt too weird driving myself. Next year we do the Blue Brothers re-enactments.

  10. #10'll be back; depression will kill you otherwise. We all had a blast. Till next year!

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