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Thread: Dare Devil Pre orders up at EE

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    Two weeks!

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    One week left.

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    Got the shipped confirmation from BBTS! Mine's on the way!

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    BBTS has it listed as preorder still!
    I want to order one, but not unless it says "in stock".

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    yeah I usually order a lot from bbts except these due to the last time they didn't have enough deadpools.

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    BBTS has Deadpool in stock since he came out . Daredevil is due to come out in a few days but not in stock yet per email from BBTS today
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    DD is in stock now at amoktime,waiting for my notification from EE

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    My Daredevil set just shipped from BBTS today

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    Picked up my Daredevil set yesterday. Love the set, only issue is the red costume is a little odd fitting where the arms meet the torso. Haven't tried the yellow costume yet. Funny thing is the Daredevil in the box has his boots packaged separately in the plastic insert tray rather than him wearing them

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