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Thread: Ash Vs Evil Dead

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    Feb 28, 2008
    Belgium, why, oh why?
    Head sculpts turned out really good on these, so I'll be getting them anyway.
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    May 3, 2006
    I have the Ash (hero) and it is really nice. Hoping they make Pablo and Kelly! Season 2 is incredible so far!
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    Definitely. These are some of my favorite head sculpts from the Ash Vs. Evil Dead line, because they use the flesh tone plastic instead of usual painted flesh for the heads. This brings a certain level of realism to each figure. I'm curious, does anyone know of a type of body which would be compatible/interchangeable with these AVED NECA figures? I've tried several different lines, including WWE and the bodies are too big to accommodate these heads.

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    Based on their reveals at SDCC, there will be an Ultimate Ash which includes the Ash (blue shirt) with the 2 heads the 2016 version included in addition to the 2 heads included with the Value Mart Ash. So basically, 1 figure reissued with all 4 heads.

    The all-new Series 2 Ash Vs. Evil Dead figure they revealed was Ash from Season 2 wearing the tattered clothes. It includes a chainsaw and although I couldn't tell for sure, the head sculpt looked to be new as well.

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