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Thread: Sequel to Moon

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    I just spotted this under-appreciated (just like Moon itself) thread and had to bounce it up.

    Moon was an astounding film, and definitely one of my all-time favorites. As much as I love Star Wars, that 1977 film changed the face of sci-fi film-making forever, for better or for worse. Films like 2001 and Silent Running just stopped being made in favor of blockbuster-style sci-fi with space battles - less science, more fiction. I always wondered what would happen if someone made a film that pretended Star Wars never happened, picking up where the sci-fi films of the 70s left off. Moon is that film. When I saw it, I was totally blown away by its leisurely pace, long exposition, and lack of jump cuts and other modern editing techniques. I had to give huge props to the director for having the guts to buck the trends.

    Unfortunately, the appreciation I felt for these things was not going to be universal. It seemed like Moon came and went, and pretty much got ignored. It can't have done all that well: Joe Movie-goer had to find it boring and slow-moving by today's standards. And so when I see that director Duncan Jones was unable to find studio backing after Moon, I am sadly not surprised in the least. However, I hope he does find a way to make this next film (it's a sequel but not really a sequel) happen...I'm very much looking forward to it.

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