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Thread: Castaway Heroes

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    Castaway Heroes

    I picked up the Phantom but can't find the Capt Action. Is he hard to find ?

    Are there just 2 different cards ?

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    I am still looking for the Capt Action card. I have seen it for sale with the figure, but the sellers wanted between $ 100 and 200 for it. I saw it once, loose, but I missed out on it. Does anyone have an extra to spare ? Please help

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    PM sent.

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    If anyone is looking for these, I have noticed that the Capt. Action card comes inserted in the Capt Action Castaway Heroes action figure that was limited to 500

    And the Phantom card seems to come in the Dr. Evil figure

    Unfortunately, both figures seem to sell for $ 100-200 and up these days

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    Only two were made 500 each: Phantom and Captain Action. We put them in our carded figures and also mailed them out with Phantom upgrade Kits and Phantom In Cognito sets. Captain Action only came in the Early Bird set, FX Exclusive sets and the NYCC exclusive Retro Ideal photo box sets.

    Castaway Toys... bringing back the action!

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    I finally found the Capt Action card, after 2 years of searching. Thanks, Dave. Private message sent to you !

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