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Thread: DST / EMCE Star Trek are Back!?! Not so fast:-(

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    Trek DST / EMCE Star Trek are Back!?! Not so fast:-(

    In the latest previews (page 501) Klingon and Kirk are back...


    - Marty

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    Like great books and music that should always be in print.

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    Second edition; very cool. Was Kirk paired up with the Klingon the first time around? I would have thought they would make a Spock before a Klingon.

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    Cool! I hope these sell well enough to warrant some of the ones we saw, but were never made. I only need Pike (which I may skip anyway) and the Salt Vampire, but I'd love to get the missing prototypes and see an extension of The Next Generation.

    Or just hit a few from each series, starting with the Captains.

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    Cool! Only $20 each! I have them all but may buy more! I also have Enterprise playset could have gotten 2nd one MIB for only $40! Hope we get Nurse Chapel and Orion Slave Girl! Among other Classic Trek! Movies would be nice! Liked those red jackets and Khan! A Leonard Nimoy Spock tribute figure in his Voyage Home white robes would be appropriate!

    Next Generation 30th anniversary is in 2017 build up to that! Make it so!

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    It would be great if this meant the EMCE Star Trek line was coming back. I hope it's not just a one-off release.

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    Leftover stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LonnieFisher View Post
    Leftover stock?
    That is the most logical answer.
    I doubt they'll be reviving the line, though I would love to get the couple that I didn't get first time around.
    "When things are at their darkest, it's a brave man that can kick back and party."

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    Please Please let them Re-Isuue the ROMULAN! I only have 1 MIB & 1 loose, & need at least 3 more for generic Romulan crew members! I have enough Andorians, Mugatos, Cherons & Klingons to shake a stick at. I wouldn't mind a few more Gorns & Generic Red Shirts. I REALLY want:

    1.) Romulan Re-issue
    2.) Dr. Bones McCoy re-issue
    3.) NEW Lt. Uhura with smaller head w/ better likeness & keep the rooted hair.
    4.) Talosian
    5.) Neptunian
    6.) SALT VAMPIRE re-issue (Missed Salt Vampire & Pike....mourned losing out on Salt Vampire....nuff said about that lol!)
    7.) Orion Slave Girl
    8.) Nurse Chapel
    9.) Scotty (to make more Red shirts like I did before
    10.) Khan (Only have 1 MIB)

    If we got a Yeoman Rand that looked like Mego made it, I would gladly grab her too, but a NEW Nichelle Nichols Lt. Uhura w/ in scale head would be TOPS!

    Some of my favorite Mego figures corresponded to my childhood crushes. Lt. Uhura was one of them. I Loved my Mego Batgirl & Catwoman because of the Batman 66 Re-runs too! I couldn't tell in my little boy mind if Mego Catwoman was white Catwoman (Newmar) or Black Catwoman (Kitt), but because I loved them both, I loved the mego one despite it's not looking like the 66 TV show or the re-runs of the Filmation Batman cartoon's Catwoman I later saw! Someone should of given this boy a comic! Sorry, went OT....typical me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorn Captain View Post
    That is the most logical answer.
    I doubt they'll be reviving the line, though I would love to get the couple that I didn't get first time around.
    I think this must be dead stock--Doc has commented that he wanted another run of Romulans and DST refused.
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