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Thread: My MM2015 Review

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Just read the entire post ScottA

    Very well said.

    I'm seriously considering going to Skokie in 2016 because of your post. Going to start a Mego Meet 2016 fund.

    Hope I'm welcome , but eh, love MEGO and like to laugh. Thanks for the Mego shirts you sold me over the years.

    Cornelius POTA MEGO of the Planet Of The Apes :ape:
    :smiley13: Cornelius is home.
    I'm in a groove and on the move collecting Mego POTA figures. PM me anytime.

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    Scott it was a blessing meeting you, your kid and my other Mego brothas! Hopefully one day, our dream of seeing a well made Mego-Like Robin figure will come true!

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