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Thread: Thank you from the front desk

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    Megomuseum News Thank you from the front desk

    Sorry but this has taken me days to write.

    This year many of you were greeted by our not-as-pretty version of "Pam Beasley" at Aw Yeah Mego Meet, me. It was pretty eye opening to be the check in boy and also, renewed my faith in humanity.

    Moving the Meet was a gamble, we knew that but we also knew that our days in West Virginia felt over. Those are all happy times and honestly, I missed many of the faces I'd come to expect to see. So whenever I saw a Dan Pearson or a Doug Lilo walk through the door, it made me very happy as I wasn't sure if i'd see those folks again.

    I got to welcome the familiar faces, happily returning faces like Larry and the McFarlands and the sea of people I've never met before like Roberto, Ariel and Gary just to name a few. It was great seeing you so quickly getting accepted into the fold. My ego got power boosted from people like Jeffrey and Don, who were way too kind.

    This year I saw all your kids playing together which made me miss mine. The kid's room was wonderful and so bleed new life into the event.

    Special thanks to:

    Our Dealers Room bunch: Thanks for taking the leap to Chi-Town. Nice to see Charlie, Paul Clare, Derek (who was so patient with us) the Comicazis, the Toyman gang, Corey, Dr Mego, Ed Nagy, Austin, David Lee (who made our shirts!), the Gordys, Marky mark, Victor, Big John, Brue and Lily, Murtz Comics and all the folks for making the Meet a great buying event.

    Portillo's- For increasing my weight and blood pressure, i love you.

    Austin and Toyman Chris- Who organized safari's into Chicago, wish I could have joined them.

    My Canadian Counterparts- Who were completely left to their own devices in the windy city.

    The Fiore Clan- For surprising us with banners and making the show just that much more "Grown up" and for spreading that infectious positivity.

    Paul Wasson- For creating those incredible Mego pin giveaways that really improved customer satisfaction.

    Richard Conlon- His generous donation of Mego key chains was jaw dropping, people couldn't believe they were free!

    Rob T Mego- For always asking me how he could help a lot over the course of the weekend and for the Blue Moon.

    The Ligotti brothers: For being so damned supportive and helpful, you guys are fulcrums to a successful Meet. Also kudos for turning my money into goodies that nearly made me weep.

    Scott Pierce: For giving of yourself so much and for spreading joy.

    Lee MegoKnight: Thanks for the flock! (do with that what you will )

    Scott Adams: For being a supportive partner of this endeavour and for bringing Jonah.

    The Customs Community- Thank you for donating your treasure to the auction this year, it means a lot. I'll personally thank each and every one of you.

    The Big Toy Auction- These guys are treat every year and man is Chris a quick witted gentleman.

    Art and the Aw Yeahs- It's great to have such supportive pals in the neighbourhood.

    Steve Moore: If Mego Meet is a world, then Steve is our Atlas carrying it on our shoulders. The crap this guy had to deal with this weekend was epic, I pitched in where i could but he really single handily fought fires and made it look easy. I know it wasn't.

    Special thanks to his sister for the Brick Mantooth latch rug, my favourite thing goodie.

    A special "Boooo!" to:

    My insomnia, which kicked in the worst it has since college and made me look like Racoon boy. I was a zombie on Saturday so if i seemed aloof that was the major reason. If I forgot to mention you, this is why. Sunday was even worse, I'm planning on fixing that well before MM 2016..

    We learned an awful lot this year and I assure you that the next one will be bigger and better.
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    As one of our Fearless Corrdinator/Leaders and my own personal go to guy on knowledge for toys, I for one can't thank you enough!!! Till 2016!!!

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    You are a good man sir! too much to thank you for.

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    I'd like to thank Emce Hammer and David Lee for taking time out to check on some CAW items I'd inquired about over the years. Completely unsolicited, quite considerate, and very much appreciated. It's actions like this that make me feel so warmly about this site and validates my feelings about past Meets and museum members.

    Megoknight was also very generous--I hope things are as well as they can be, Lee.

    I'm a bit surprised at how much I missed attending this year--I hope to remedy that.
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    Man I am sorry to hear you had insomnia problems, I know when I talked to you Friday you were already looking forward to getting some rest, sorry that didn't work out as you'd hoped!

    I know there's always room for improvement but the Meet was really awesome and hard to imagine it being even better next year, but I am looking forward to it.

    And for future reference, if the Meet winds up being in Skokie again, since I live in Chicago I am around to help out if need be. Cheers.

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    Thank you for all you do and helping put together such an awesome event.

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    I thought it was the best meet ever, and no small part to Brian's presence and vision. Thank-you!
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    Wish I was there! Maybe 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    My Canadian Counterparts- Who were completely left to their own devices in the windy city.
    It's ok, "Larry" and "Curley" managed ok in the big city without their "Moe" (this has been Ed's ongoing analogy, not mine )

    I don't know where to begin to thank you so much for your work, patience and guidance, you are a machine sir!

    (I hope you've managed to finally get some sleep since you came back home! Let's try for another Clarance Flea Market excursion this summer when you are awake and feeling good!)

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    It was great seeing you again, Brian. Next year you will have to be sure to attend our toy hunting trip! I will save you a seat. I am seriously considering Mego North.

    Steve certainly does put the world on his shoulders and does a fantastic job!

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