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Thread: Meet 2015 recap - Looooong post(sorry)

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    Meet 2015 recap - Looooong post(sorry)

    This is the first Meet recap I've written in a couple of years, but I wanted to chronicle what I saw, heard and experienced as best as I could before a 45 year old brain starts deleting stuff. This is going to be a long one, so some might want to hit the back button now.

    The drive - This was easier than expected till I hit the Chicago city limits. As everyone can attest, the traffic going by downtown on 90/94 is brutal. It took me over an hour to drive ten miles, and all that time I had to use the bathroom badly. Also, as Megoknight experienced, the fields of wind turbines north of Lafayette were seriously distracting. They were everywhere as far as you could see spinning and making me feel queasy. It was as if I'm being hypnotized. I had to just stare at the truck ahead of me till I passed them several miles later.

    The Doubletree - Pretty darn nice and a serious upgrade from the Super8 I was accustomed to. It took a day or so to figure out the air conditioning but I was able to make it comfortable.

    The surroundings - Lots of high end places to shop and a few to eat. Portillo's was a highlight of many who attended. It's a hotdog, burger and rib joint that's as fast paced as any place I've ever been. The second time we went there was literally 33 cars in the drive-thru and at least 125 people inside with more pouring inside the entire time. They serve chili dogs with beans, which threw me off but was delicious. Highly recommended. The IHOP across the street was convenient but in no hurry to take orders or deliver them to your table. I also made a trip to the original hotdog shack on Wednesday which was a treat as well but a bit of a drive.

    This next section involves the individuals I encountered. I thought I'd do it in chronological order but I'm not nearly smart enough to remember the order so here is a random rundown of my favorite people in the world.

    Austin Hough - He is equally bombastic and brash, an F5 tornado of creativity and sharp, pointed wit. I'm sorry I didn't get to stop by the house and see the collection and work station. Next year I'll stop there first before checking into the hotel. You were the first person I saw upon arriving and within five seconds were giving me crap about being late. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    Art Baltazar - He's a whirling dervish of enthusiasm, jokes, smiles, stories, positivity and talent. "You're a good man,


    Larry Roberts - A true metal and musical brother I could spend hours talking shop with. I so enjoyed our talks on the biz and all we actually have in common. I hope that gig goes awesome this summer.

    Steve Moore - His last name is apt cause thats exactly what he gives of himself each year to make this a success. Even being severely under the weather, he managed to pull everything together. A few hurdles were thrown into our way yet he sidestepped a few landmines and made running adjustments like a freakin pro. He's the first person there, the last to leave and deserves everyone's respect and gratitude. He sure as hell has mine.

    Ed Leung - This man is my Asian brother, tag team partner and true friend. We have a lot of cool stuff coming later this year, and the successes of these will be solely determined by our mutual love of the hobby and similar thinking. His talents are only equalled by his positivity. I am proud as hell to call him friend.

    Lee Taylor - He's basically me in six years, just minus the tequila. He's got such a love for the artistry of creating customs and is as genuine as it gets. I thoroughly enjoy talking customs and just life in general. Good man and good friend.

    Andy Covalt - I usually have a sleeping disorder and have never had anyone stay with me except my wife in my entire life. It worked out perfectly this year as he was ablee to attend and grab a room with me for a couple. He and I had talked before but not as in-depth as we did this time. Just a great dude, talented sculptor and someone who really has a unique perspective on the hobby. I had a little bit of beard envy but I was able to soldier past that. and thanksk for the gift you left. You'll see that put to good use here shortly...

    Chris and Stacey Hummell - A Meet would completely suck if they were not there. Seeing that giant toy mountain of doom is a sight to behold and has become a staple of the show. He is also maybe the only one present who can match me with dry, sarcastic wit. One of these future meets we'll have to have a snark-off.

    Brian Heiler - The Captain Canuck secret identity has it wrong. Brian is truly captain Canada and brings his dry humor and love of all things pop culture every year. He is a walking reference source for movies, books, bad fashion, rack toys and other assorted subjects none of us are smart enough to know about. As our senior MOD and a caretaker of the board, his dedication is appreciated as much as his brotherhood.

    Dan Pearson - I was unsure if he'd make it this year, but yup there he was in the lobby. It was great to see a regular maintain his attendance. It was great to just sit down and talk this time. He is one cool dude.

    Rob Turner - Again, I finally got to really have meaningful conversations with him and I'm grateful for that. What a fun guy and someone who is totally open to anything and is willing to help with anything. He's as laid back as it gets for Meeters.

    David Lee - I don't know if there is another person with his skillset, knowledge of manufacturing and overall enthusiasm for all things relating to figure making and customs. He is always one of the first people I seek out every year. If I need a general pick me up or a fresh perspective on something he is there to crack a joke and dish out some action figure wisdom. Thank you for being there each year. we seriously need to talk more than one weekend per year.

    The Fiore's - They have truly become family. Through the last few Meets and through facebook I've gotten to know them and grown to love them. Just great, genuine people who brighten every room they enter. If I were ever to move to New York, they would be my neighbors cause they have all the best food posts and some pretty darn cool toys as well. When the Meet is referred tto as a family reunion, they are obviously thinking of Kevin, Marlene and Dominique.

    The Ligottis - Our resident Mego Mafia members drove extra long to get here and it's appreciated. I didn't get to spend as much timee with them as in years past, and I'm kind of bummed by that. Berto and I truly "get" comics and not for financial value but for the joy they bring. Sometime I'll have to see his original artwork collection.

    Scott and Jonah Adams - It was awesome to see you return two years in a row and bring Jonah with you. I think I almost made him cry twice on Saturday with the contests, so I apologize for that. You both looked so happy to be there, and that filters to everyone else in attendance.

    Mike Parker - It is an absolute joy to see this skinny little guy make a huge vintage purchase every year. I was so happy to see him with that carded Supergirl. Thanks for implanting that joyful memory into my cerebral cortex.

    Ed Nagy - I think the best compliment I could write is that he's the kind of guy I'd just like to hang out with. He's just so cool to talk to and BS with. we usually end up with tables next to eachother and that's a good, good thing for me.

    The Gordys - This is like a brother and little brother kind of thing going on. I've literally seen Sean grow each and every year for the last seven years. He's gone from the kid wanting to make figures in the kids contest to being on the cusp of the next great technology in custom figure advanceement with the 3-D printing. He made my gear for the Jack Burton figures and basically manufactures all of his own stuff, so he has far outpaced myself in the customs game. Having you guys at the Meet each year makes the trip worthwhile.

    Paul Wasson - It's not a Meet without you and your amazing products. You have a monopoly on custom figure accessories and your talent is only matched by yourr humbleness. You do amazing work, all the time every time. You're also good people my friend.

    So, overall I think this was my favorite Meet for me so far. I didn't sell a lot, but that's not the point of it. I was able to just have overdue conversations with a lot of people, and I feel like I made more connections this time and hopefully a few new friends. I can't have too many of those. So I need to stop writing before I head out to urgent care for carpal tunnel. I sincerely thank everyone either mentioned here or not(I'm tired). You guys make what is normally a fairly difficult life much better just by being yourselves and accpting me into the fold. You have no idea what that means, and I have no way to properly express it.

    So, start saving some cash for next year. I know I'm going to learn from Mr. Parker to put aside money each payday. And next year my wife will be coming with me. We'll have a trunk load of medical suupplies and IV poles but I'm getting her out of the city for the first time in ten years. And the first and only place I could think to take her is to meet all of you.
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    Right back atcha Scott. Love you, too man.
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    Always great to see you Scott. Grundy has already joined my LOD-Superfriends themed display. I actually had to move it from it's spot on the detolf as I had two many figures to contain it.

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    If ever there was a post that made me teary eyed this is the one... Always a pleasure My Brotha!!! The Bronx and ANY place you you hang your hat is a better place because of it!

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    Scott it wouldn't be a meet with out you.When I attended my first meet in 2009 you were the first person to greet and make me feel comfortable.I always look forward to seeing you every year.Next year we will be coming on Wednesday because there just isn't enough time to hang out with every one.thanks for all you work and patronage
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    As I mentioned before, it was a great pleasure hanging out with you and talking. Next year we'll plan ahead and I'll make sure to bring you into the city to check out Reggie's, Record Breakers, and such, I know you'll dig those places. Huge thanks to Austin for organizing our hangout on Wednesday and taking us around town, I had a really good time and found some gems at the record shops.

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    Always enjoy reading your recaps, Scott. Hoping to get back in the attendance groove next year.

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    Its always great for me and my son to see you Scott. You always seem to be one of the first people we run into and you always bring a smile to our faces. I'm already looking forward to next year!

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    Always a pleasure hanging with you sir.
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    3,010 know I love ya brother. Every year just gets better and better and we grow closer. The sarcastic wit is a bonus.

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