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Thread: another one for the books.

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    another one for the books.

    2015 MM...
    old friends, new friends, and faces who were missed.
    There is only so much one can say about this event, and it will be repeated here in the subsequent posts over the next few days - so someone has done something right.
    Itís always a pleasure to attend and have a good time - an appreciate the hard work done by those who make it all possible.
    Thanks again Steve, Art, Scott P, Scott A, Brian and anyone else behind the scenes.
    The only complain I have, is my ole body was just not up to staying in the Suite till the wee hours and consume as much time possible with the family.
    Iíll have to work on staying up later
    Címon 2016

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    Great seeing you and the boy, Chad. I'm really starting to cherish the more relaxed time we are able to have with all the Thursday early-birds. Adding to my list of regrets, not being able to stop and chat more about the 3-D printer and watch it in action. Particularly given the amount of cool stuff you've pulled out of that thing over the past few years. That Jackal head you fellas were showing off in the mego suite was super-cool.

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    Yes, what Sam Said...and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to bring certain pieces with me to see if it was possible to have them 3d replicated... Always a pleasure to see yours and Sean's Handy work... Till 2016!!!

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    The pleasure was all ours. Great to see you both!
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    Always great to see you. Hopefully next year we will have both improved job situations one way or another.

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    y’all are true class acts (seems I find myself saying that a lot lately lol)
    It’s always anticipation overload making the trek to MM.
    Unlike some, my trip was actually shorter this year 3hr drive as opposed to 8hrs.
    It helped my budget for sure doing it on one tank of gas - but as some of you know, my budget has been strained for a while now. Working hard every day to improve that.
    I have so much to say about this event - I simply cannot find the words....and that is rare for me.

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    It was a true pleasure to see you both when we pulled up, I wasn't sure if you were going to make it and that would have been a downer.
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    ^^ditto Brian. Yea, I was put in a position with work to make a choice....well, you see which way I went ;-)

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