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Thread: Big Jim Tarzan figure Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by palitoy View Post
    I seem to recall that the majority of Barbies produced for decades had a 60s copyright, making many people believe they had vintage toys.
    That was a source of frustration for me as a kid trying to explain to dealers at toy shows that their vintage Barbie was actually brand new.
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    Yeah, I knew a huge Barbie dealer here (she got a lot of Mego) and it was the bane of her existance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MIB41 View Post
    ... My belief is that date is anchored in the original licensing date for Big Jim himself ... So that date likely applies to the head and body that is licensed solely to Mattel. ...
    Sorry for the late reply. Yes it's the date on the back of the body. Thanks!

    I still have my old Big Jim, Jeff and Josh from childhood. They are from 1976 to 1978.
    Jim still has the "open hands", while the other two have the later "gripping hands".

    Here is the copyright info on the back of my Big Jim (got him in 1976 or 1977):

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