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Thread: AHI Action Apeman question

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    Planet of the Apes AHI Action Apeman question

    I recently purchased a loose Apeman that is missing his boots and rifle. I was wondering if the same boots and rifle were used for other figures in the AHI line. I read somewhere that the Soldato Mike line had the same; they do look similar, but aside from the color, I see some differences. It also appears to be the same rifle & boots used for Mighty Neil/Gary. Can someone confirm if the boots and rifle were unique to the Apeman line?

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    Sorry it only took 4 years and 6 months to reply.

    Yes, rifle and boots are (semi) specific to AHI Action Apeman, with both come in black and brown. *Semi* as in both have been knocked-off numerous times. Guns can be very hard to differentiate, if at all. K/O boots will usually lack the proper "Hong Kong" mark, and tend to made of thinner and/or less attractive plastic.

    But what's most important about your abandoned thread… love, love, love that white rifle; must have!

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