Mego Talk FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What is the User Gallery?

The Mego Museum User Gallery is a service for registered members of the Mego Museum forums to host images.

What Can I Upload?

Ideally, your images should at least have something to do with Mego. But the space is yours to do with as you will. The only things that are prohibited are:
  • Pornographic Images
  • Images that are copyrighted by others
  • Images stolen from other websites
  • Image that are larger than your available space

How Much Space Do I Get?

Each registered user gets one (1) MB of storage space in their own private folder. Once you reach 50 posts, you get a total of two (2) MB of space. When you reach 500 posts, you get 10 MB of space.

How Do I Get More Space?

If you require more space, you can purchase an additional 25 MB of space for $60/year or an additional 50 MB for $100/year. E-Mail us for more details.

How Do I Upload Photos?

Uploading photos is easy! Simply click on 'upload' on the secondary navigation bar, and it will show you how much space you have left and allow you to browse your PC for images. The program will also allow you to title your image and enter a short description. You'll also be prompted to choose which folder to use. If you want to upload to a public folder, make sure your image is appropriate for the folder you've chosen. If you want to upload to your own folder, and you don't yet have your folder, upload to "member's categories" to automatically create one. You can also create sub-categories (See FAQ entry "creating categories" for details on creating sub-categories.) beneath your private folder to upload to. We've created a Microsoft PowerPoint tutorial to further help with uploading. The file is available as: Or you can follow these simplified instructions:

Step One
Choose your picture. The file's extension must be gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, or png, and its size must be less than 2 MB.

Step Two
Go to the upload area of the User Gallery.

Step Three
Click one of the Choose File buttons and select your picture.

Step Four
Enter a title for your picture and a brief description, if you choose, then select "Members' Categories" in the dropdown menu.

Step Five
Click the "Submit" button.

Step Six
You are shown your picture. Copy the contents of the "Direct Link Code:" field for pasting into your post.

Step Seven
Return to the Mego Talk Forum and click the "insert image" icon (), then paste the display code into the box that pops up and click the "submit" button.

That's it! You have just taken your first step into the exciting world of Graphical Communications. Celebrate.

How Do I Delete Images?

Deleting images is easy, if not totally user intuitive. Follow these five easy steps to delete an image:
  1. Click on your image
  2. Click 'Image Tools' (far right in the middle of the screen)
  3. Click 'Edit Image'
  4. Look for the words To delete this image, check the box to the left and then click the 'Delete This Image' button below. and check the box to the left
  5. Click 'Delete'
You're done! Note that the Gallery won't ask you if you really want to delete the image. Once you click the 'Delete' button, your image is gone!

How Do I Resize My Photos Before Uploading?

There are many online sites such as that will resize your photos for you, or a better alternative is to download a free program from the internet that can be run from your own computer. Image Resizer for PC and Pixer for Macintosh are both fast and simple to use.

How Do I Create Categories?

While you cannot create public categories, you can create private categories. Click 'My Stuff' in the sub-navigation bar beneath the primary navigation bar and select 'Category Admin.' From here, you can add sub-categories beneath your main personal folder. You are allowed ten total categories, including your main personal category. When creating a new category, you will be presented with a variety of options, including the ability to password protect your new category. Normally you will not need to do this. In fact, the only reason to choose this option is if you want only a select audience (those you give the login/password to) to be able to view the category. If you simply want to create a category that only you yourself can view, deselect 'Allow Other Users to View Category' at the bottom of the category creation page.

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