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Pimp my Mego Ride

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Stuck in gridlocked city traffic yesterday, the ice storm still had the traffic lights out of commission and the Christmas eve chaos was even more unruly.

Decided to get out of the car and pop into a thrift store and these two vehicles jumped at at me.

Didn't have time to stop by the Chinese Mall where they sell Tamiya Spray paints in the model shop filled with Gundam models, settled for Michaels instead (which was on the wayThen). They had blue in the Testors model spray paint, but no brown shade that worked for me. Settled on a can of Krylon, just to see what I could do with it.

That evening, I went to bed full of steak and lobster, and had drifted off to sleep when i got a call from my Aunt... my elderly Uncle had slipped and fallen on the ice, cracked his head. Rushed to the hospital, hung out, got them back home and settled. Was too wound up to fall asleep, so i started painting the vehicles.

Testors was pretty good... wasn't as easy to control and get as smooth a coat as the Tamiya's. But it was a dream compared to the way the Krylon went on so uneven and drippy. Ah well, live and learn. Added another coat the next morning, hopefully it works out.

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