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A good Re-Mego day.

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Hey gang!

Well for all the non-fun reasons (doctors appointment) we had to go out of town today. Honestly I was looking a little forward to it because the same old same of small town America really drives me nuts with out some kind of road trip from time to time. Plus I knew there was the possibilities of seeing Re-Megos in the wild. I'm pleased to say that those possibilities came to pass.

Following the doctor appointment (all went well by the way) we stopped at what my daughter calls "the Mego store": Hastings. The location lived up to its not exactly correct moniker in spades! Not only were there two Venture Bros figures (Dr. Girlfriend and Phantom Limb) but also that bulbous headed dude from Doctor Who and the breath taker; brand spanking new Battlestar Galactica Cylons! Two gold and two chrome! Excitement however was short lived.

Being the lean economic times as they are, I had to walk away from these gems but was still quite pleased with having simply seen them in the wild. Being in Harrison, Arkansas has many disadvantages, the main being the lack of a Hastings, Toys or Us or Comic Book store. So for those who think I'm a bit of a drama queen in my display of fanboy giddy-ness, spend three months straight in this slice of 1954 and then come talk to me. Moving on.

Again wanting to venture out into the realm that my daughter doesn't get to experience often, we popped in to the Toys R Us. And lo and behold Re-Mego's abounded. Well sort of. Not really a whole lot of 'em but EMCE's Drac and Mummy hung right beside Retro Action Ghostbusters and right above one lone Sinestro. While the others were discounted to $17.98 I still had to remain budget conscience and say no. I did however price check Mr. Pencil Thin Mustache with the hopes of him ringing up for a magical amount such as one lone picture of Abraham Lincoln. Twas not the case though. In fact Toys R Us was still commanding 99.98% of an Andrew Jackson for him. Even in high cotton economic times I would have left him swinging (and scowling) on the peg. So alas, no Re-Mego miracle. But hope was not gone.

One final stop landed us at TJ Maxx were after much digging and searching I did spot a poor man's holy grail; Retro Action Peter Venkman for $9.99! At the moment of his discovery I am almost certain the overhead music started playing a quite Serendipitous tune from the 80's: 'Get outta my Dreams' from Billy Ocean. Twas a sign from heaven and most certainly a cue to loosen my lunch money for the rest of the week. Alexander Hamilton seemed to wink at George Washington as I passed the American patriarchs to the cashier. Ah, a good day indeed.

So the moral of the story? Not so much a moral as food for thought. If the Re-Mego love is what you desire in the wild, simply drive an hour and a half west and keep your eyes peeled.Besides who needs to eat Taco Bell everyday anyway? Not me and Peter Venkman that's for sure!
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  1. wayne foundation 07's Avatar
    When the day starts with a Road Trip, its bound to be a good one. Even if it has to start out at the doctors.Not familiar with "Hastings" sounds like the place you just window shop for sure. The closest TRU to us seems like its always just a waste land for the unwanted toys " think Land of the Misfit Toys" but they still charge the full sticker price for them. Its been years since I've bought something there.
    Sounds like you saved best for last anyway, TJ MAXX is always a fun store to dig through. Now with the Halloween stuff coming in, its really a worthwhile trip. And hey Taco Bell is way over rated anyway