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Clown Farts

Monster Figures for Trade

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Not interested in selling.

I'm looking for some impossible things, seems only fair to offer impossible things in kind. Be the only kid on your block with these:

Not pictured: Mego Mad Monsters Mummy in Window Box (C-9.5)

Carded AHI Action Apeman figure

Want List:
Mego Mad Monsters:
Kresge Monsters- All except the Mummy

Lincoln InternationalAny mailer boxed figures
Carded Mr Rock
Boxed- Mummy, Phantom, Dracula, Wolfman (even the empty boxes count)

Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend
Carded Second Series- Dracula, Frankenstein, and Wolfman


  1. darkmonkeygod's Avatar
    Oh how I wish. If I had a Mr. Rock, I'd trade it for any of those three right quick. Fingers crossed the Tomland Drac, Frank and Wolfie turn up for you.