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Novels, forums, and summer, oh my!

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Well, we did it. We are running the newest and shiniest vBulletin, complete with Blogs, embedded videos, and a bunch of other cool stuff. But it's still a work in progress. If there's a feature you miss or one you're hoping for, don't lost hope. We're probably working on it!


My Kickstarter campaign to publish my novel "Small Things" was successful and the novel will be published sometime before the end of the year. I'm excited and a little
nervous! Mego is a very important part of the novel, which is set in my hometown of Carthage, Illinois, circa 1975. I'm sure I'll be promoting it on here as publication date draws closer, so I hope you'll pick it up and give it a read!

Keep an eye on for more details!


It's too darned hot. Enough said about that.