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new bandless body test

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#mego this is a new bandless mego body, the antennae like torso neck pin doesnt fit the other new mego heads, you need to add tape, so I took the plunge and I drilled it an using my sculpting tools. I sanded the area so as not to destroy the neck peg ( like I did with an ftc superman head this morning ). The construction is similar to the mattel retro action bodies, the issue I have is the waist pin, it is TOO separated from the waist+torso and it could become brittle and even harder to fix. If it had a way to hook the string the way you cna with a retro action body, these bodies might be versatile, because like it or not, #mego restringing is easier as you learn. If the waist pin breaks that will be a whole new project. At least know it will accommodate heads where the neck protrusion is less than half an inch. more than that , and it will stick out .
I used a potsie ftc squishy head, made it softer so as not to ruin it, and there ya go. The S Types are still better in replaceable parts which you need if you plan on maintaining the figure. Still the pose-ability of the new body is beyond what you could do before and they look incredibly natural.

Sadly my dream of a proper Conan figure won't come true, and the other zica type bodies arent avialmable anymore, and the FTC ones do not match the darker mego heads, so the new bodies do. they still might if you wanna cut the peg a bit.
if nobody did a post, I hope this helps a customizer out there.
trying to attach images, for some reason I can't upload to member gallery.
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