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Realm Of the Underworld Wave 3 and FlexZors (Bendable Series) coming soon!

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Ulysseus? Is that just an allusion to, or another version of, Ulysses?
Here is his back story:

ULYSSEUS (Mystical Bow Hunter)

This warrior is a descendant of the legendary ULYSSES. He was rendered visionless at birth, but was able to sense remarkable things. At a young age he learned to wield a bow and hit targets not even skilled hunters could match. No one could understand his ability.. not even himself. As he got older, he mastered this skill to which he became famous. He would be able to launch five arrows at once and each would hit their target. The warrior was seen to be a magician as arrows would hit targets behind him when he would be facing forward. One day he encountered several Archfiend minions by an open gate to the Underworld. He sensed their presence as he walked up upon them. He removed his bow from his shoulder holster and started backing away, but by the time he realized it.. he was surrounded. Then, they started to close in screeching and hissing at him like wild animals ready to tear flesh. He only had one arrow in his quiver. He loaded it into his bow and pulled back to his cheek; then released. The arrow circled around and hit each minion until they were all destroyed. It was not until then the visionless hunter realized he was set for bigger things. He packed his possessions and set out to where the Gods guided him. Follow ULYSSEUS as he joins our heroes on a quest to push back the evil forces of Hades.

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