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  1. Action Jackson Campmobile

    Hi, Is there anyone on here that can tell me what an Action Jackson Campmobile in Original Box might be worth? Is it worth putting on Ebay? The box has wear and tear with a few pencil holes in it (probably from a child) also one headlight is missing! Overall though its in great nick! I picked it up the other day.
    Toys , Mego
  2. New classic tv toys mego action figures

    Is everyone happy with the New Retro-Mego action figures from Classic TV Toys?
    I'm happy with them and I don't think anyone else can bring them back like CTVT's. Mattel tried, but in my opinion, NOT close enough for me. I still like them, but I love CTVT's better.

    What do you think?
    Toys , Mego , Vintage Toys , Modern Toys
  3. Mego's in the UK

    Can anyone tell me if the new line of WGSH will be avalible to buy in the UK ?

    There are some greedy eBay sellers here, and Im not prepared to pay over the top prices.

    How I wish it was 1975 again !!!

    Regards from the UK

    Paul (70smegofan)
    Toys , Mego
  4. Hi Everybody....New Here

    I'm looking to buy the Mego Museum Promo Card for Batman & Superman in Mint Shape. if anybody has these or knows someone who does, i'd really appreciate it. thanks again and nice meeting you all. Mego99
    Toys , Mego , Vintage Toys
  5. A good Re-Mego day.

    Hey gang!

    Well for all the non-fun reasons (doctors appointment) we had to go out of town today. Honestly I was looking a little forward to it because the same old same of small town America really drives me nuts with out some kind of road trip from time to time. Plus I knew there was the possibilities of seeing Re-Megos in the wild. I'm pleased to say that those possibilities came to pass.

    Following the doctor appointment (all went well by the way) we stopped at what ...
    Toys , Mego , Modern Toys
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