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  1. A portion of my collection

    Mostly vintage figures. I have some repro pieces and a few customs from over the years.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Realm Of the Underworld Wave 3 and FlexZors (Bendable Series) coming soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by zorro View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Falstaff13 View Post
    Ulysseus? Is that just an allusion to, or another version of, Ulysses?
    Here is his back story:

    ULYSSEUS (Mystical Bow Hunter)

    This warrior is a descendant of the legendary ULYSSES. He was rendered visionless at birth, but was able to sense remarkable things. At a young age he learned to wield a bow and
  3. KISS 12inch original mego dolls reproduction boxes

    Hello. I'm a new member and I have been having the hardest time trying to find reproduction boxes for the original 12inch KISS dolls. Basically, I just don't know where to look. I saw them on e-bay last year but haven't seen them since. I figured that other collectors would have the answers. Please let me know! Thanks, Ron.
  4. Looking for clothes for 12'' mego hulk

    Quote Originally Posted by bbqfan42 View Post
    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a replacement costume for my 12'' hulk. Been looking for the past few days but all I see is for the 8''hulk. Thanks
  5. Action Jackson Campmobile

    Hi, Is there anyone on here that can tell me what an Action Jackson Campmobile in Original Box might be worth? Is it worth putting on Ebay? The box has wear and tear with a few pencil holes in it (probably from a child) also one headlight is missing! Overall though its in great nick! I picked it up the other day.
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