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  1. Spartakus and Arkana sunbeneath the sea

    Les Mondes Engloutis, The engulfed worlds/ or as translated for the show: Spartakus and The Sun beneath The Sea.
    created by: Nina Wolmark for french television that ran from 1985-1987 , it also ran on nickelodeon and various networks in latin america for even longer.
    The ship's name was named Tehrig because it's real name was Sh*g-Sh*g so ... um... yeah they changed it. ( editing here JUST in case )
    So I may be alone in my love for this surreal silly show with that annoying ...
  2. Simon Belmont ... borderline mego like

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you have ever wondered, hmm maybe I can get one of those mattel MOTU 7" revelation/eternia /masterverse/ bodies for customs... well... they are the size of a mego hulk.
    the heads sadly are WAY too small BUT they look cool and being a fan of castlevania , I made this

    Simon Belmont from the OG game. yeah I know, the famicom one has red hair and the game has brown hair, white the cover art was blonde... This was easier. ...
  3. new bandless body test

    #mego this is a new bandless mego body, the antennae like torso neck pin doesnt fit the other new mego heads, you need to add tape, so I took the plunge and I drilled it an using my sculpting tools. I sanded the area so as not to destroy the neck peg ( like I did with an ftc superman head this morning ). The construction is similar to the mattel retro action bodies, the issue I have is the waist pin, it is TOO separated from the waist+torso and it could become brittle and even harder to fix. If ...