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  1. Art Baltazar mego figure fan made concept

    some one out their needs to make mego figures based off Baltazars drawings : after all Art Baltazar is a mego fan though Im not sure how his style might translate

    Updated Oct 24, '22 at 9:56 PM by bat fisto

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  2. Looking for original Mold-a-Rama Frankenstein head from the 1960ís

    If anyone can help, Iím paying too dollar.
    Thank you,
    215 715-1848
  3. 1974 Megos Mad Monsters Dreadful Dracula figure cape

    Does anyone know of an original 1974 Mad Monster Dracula cape for sale?
    Toys , Mego , Vintage Toys
  4. Action Jackson Fire Rescue question

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me, or send post a pic of how the Fire Rescue water squirting backpack is supposed to go on the doll properly. (I tried to use the museum gallery, but when I go to Action Jackson-Accessories and vehicles-Fire Rescue, it mis-links to the Dune Buggy page.) -Thanks
  5. Mego Elastic Hulk

    Quote Originally Posted by Donnie M View Post
    Looking to sell this Mego Elastic / Stretch Hulk ..Iíve learned that it was a mail order issue from a JC Penney or Montgomery Ward catalog...Stretch Hulk is undamaged, never been repaired, comes with original coffin, original plastic coffin lid & original shipping box
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