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  1. Spartakus and Arkana sunbeneath the sea

    Les Mondes Engloutis, The engulfed worlds/ or as translated for the show: Spartakus and The Sun beneath The Sea.
    created by: Nina Wolmark for french television that ran from 1985-1987 , it also ran on nickelodeon and various networks in latin america for even longer.
    The ship's name was named Tehrig because it's real name was Sh*g-Sh*g so ... um... yeah they changed it. ( editing here JUST in case )
    So I may be alone in my love for this surreal silly show with that annoying ...
  2. Simon Belmont ... borderline mego like

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you have ever wondered, hmm maybe I can get one of those mattel MOTU 7" revelation/eternia /masterverse/ bodies for customs... well... they are the size of a mego hulk.
    the heads sadly are WAY too small BUT they look cool and being a fan of castlevania , I made this

    Simon Belmont from the OG game. yeah I know, the famicom one has red hair and the game has brown hair, white the cover art was blonde... This was easier. ...
  3. new bandless body test

    #mego this is a new bandless mego body, the antennae like torso neck pin doesnt fit the other new mego heads, you need to add tape, so I took the plunge and I drilled it an using my sculpting tools. I sanded the area so as not to destroy the neck peg ( like I did with an ftc superman head this morning ). The construction is similar to the mattel retro action bodies, the issue I have is the waist pin, it is TOO separated from the waist+torso and it could become brittle and even harder to fix. If ...
  4. Art Baltazar mego figure fan made concept

    some one out their needs to make mego figures based off Baltazars drawings : after all Art Baltazar is a mego fan though Im not sure how his style might translate

    Updated Oct 24, '22 at 9:56 PM by bat fisto

    Mego , Toys , Modern Toys
  5. Looking for original Mold-a-Rama Frankenstein head from the 1960ís

    If anyone can help, Iím paying too dollar.
    Thank you,
    215 715-1848
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