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  1. Art Baltazar mego figure fan made concept

    some one out their needs to make mego figures based off Baltazars drawings : after all Art Baltazar is a mego fan though Im not sure how his style might translate

    Updated Oct 24, '22 at 9:56 PM by bat fisto

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  2. Female bust upgrades

    I ordered and paid for some mego female bust upgrades from Bobby at
    but I never got them
  3. Realm Of the Underworld Wave 3 and FlexZors (Bendable Series) coming soon!

    Quote Originally Posted by zorro View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Falstaff13 View Post
    Ulysseus? Is that just an allusion to, or another version of, Ulysses?
    Here is his back story:

    ULYSSEUS (Mystical Bow Hunter)

    This warrior is a descendant of the legendary ULYSSES. He was rendered visionless at birth, but was able to sense remarkable things. At a young age he learned to wield a bow and
  4. New classic tv toys mego action figures

    Is everyone happy with the New Retro-Mego action figures from Classic TV Toys?
    I'm happy with them and I don't think anyone else can bring them back like CTVT's. Mattel tried, but in my opinion, NOT close enough for me. I still like them, but I love CTVT's better.

    What do you think?
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  5. Retro Action Dc body for sale

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