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  1. samurainoir's Avatar
    fun stuff
  2. jimsmegos's Avatar
    Ha! That was funny! The second panel is simply brilliant! Keep 'em coming!
  3. sauce's Avatar
    Better than the last one! You're on a roll.:smiley1:
  4. sauce's Avatar
    HAHAHA, super funny! I'd like to see Ledy get dressed and kick some MEGO rear in the next one!
  5. thunderbolt's Avatar
    Tornado just west of us over Lake Eloise and Legoland took out our power for 10 hours or so. Another one nearby this morning.
  6. LadyZod's Avatar
    3 tornados touched down here today. A few fatalities. I'd like to change my assessment... I freakin' HATE this weather.
  7. thunderbolt's Avatar
    there's rain then there's 10 inches of rain over 3 days. Getting old.
  8. LadyZod's Avatar
    I love rainy days!
  9. thunderbolt's Avatar
    great stuff, love this one and the ventriloquist one!! HOpe you are enjoying the rain as much as I am!!