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  1. FETT1's Avatar in EDMONTON ..Iused to get only 3 channels back in the day...CTV showed the UNCLE BOBBY SHOW every saturday...will always remember the show ...I really liked the lady doing plastine characters and scenes!...those were the days..

    POPCORN PLAYHOUSE was a afternoon show on here everyday..a sort of variety meets interview show.I went on the show a few times for my BIRTHDAY and my fondness memory was being made up into a halloween make-up(my b-day is 2 days before the ghoulie day) reward for the make-up was a GI JOE ADVENTURE SET.....Again I realllly miss those days!

    Many THANKS for these memories...
  2. jwyblejr's Avatar
    I wonder if he knows that the top on the Klingon is backwards?
  3. darkmonkeygod's Avatar
    Oh how I wish. If I had a Mr. Rock, I'd trade it for any of those three right quick. Fingers crossed the Tomland Drac, Frank and Wolfie turn up for you.
  4. samurainoir's Avatar
    Many many fond memories sitting in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal at the crack of dawn with Commander Tom and cartoons.
  5. Meule's Avatar
    Ooooooooooooh, me wantee
  6. thunderbolt's Avatar
    man, I need me some of these, I am so far out of touch with all the card lines.
  7. sauce's Avatar
    I agree with you. Halloween all year long!!

    Great stuff, Meeester.
  8. EMCE Hammer's Avatar
    Stained glass dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree?