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  1. Captain America ?.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimjohn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by daz71 View Post
    does anyone have a cap suit like this for sale.
    Almitysufx still has a few of those suits left, I have been waiting since June for him to sew one up and shoot me a price but, he has been REALLY busy.

    Shoot him a PM and see if you have any luck.
    that is a long time i tried pming him but haven't heard anything yet
  2. Circle suit repair?

    Hi, I have a nice ,clean circle suit with the snap off on one side
    Should I sew it back on or leave it off not to alter the suit? Does
    It matter much either way. ? Your thoughts will be appreciated
  3. The Immortal Iron Fist

    Head by N2LM (Matt Mejia) w/my paints; emblem by LaserMego; body, hands, shoes and a modified bodysuit from Doc Mego.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IF7.jpg 
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Name:	IF2.jpg 
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Name:	IF3.jpg 
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ID:	12377
  4. Kiss dynasty

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	KissUNMASKEDEricCarr12inch01012014011_zpsd4dc28d4.jpg 
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ID:	12196Click image for larger version. 

Name:	kiss dynastyyyyy.jpg 
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ID:	12197I found these online but cannot remember who created them. They look really nice and it kinda gives you an idea of what 2015 KISS will look like...
  5. My 3 Skrulls

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	skrull4.jpg 
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Name:	skrull2.jpg 
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Name:	skrull5.jpg 
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ID:	12384

    These are the 3 Skrulls that Reed hypnotized into thinking they were cows. I tried to get a "Kirby" feel to them.

    I've been working on them for several months now. Took a while to get all the right parts and materials. I may still have some touch-ups, but I'm calling them finished.

    The head is from Dr. Cyclops w/ my paints. ...

    Updated Sep 3, '14 at 6:59 PM by plaztekman

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