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  1. top ten Mego figures you'd like to see in 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by JediJaida View Post
    Blake's 7.

    Harry Potter.

    Red Sonja.

    Bruce Lee.


    Beauty and the Beast 1984.
  2. In Memory: Morris Kotzer (1923-2014)

    Quote Originally Posted by Donna Kotzer View Post
    My father was a "spirited character". He loved the toy business. His best memories were his Mego days.
    We were miss him. Thank you for your lovely heartfelt tribute.

    Donna Kotzer
  3. Captain America ?.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimjohn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by daz71 View Post
    does anyone have a cap suit like this for sale.
    Almitysufx still has a few of those suits left, I have been waiting since June for him to sew one up and shoot me a price but, he has been REALLY busy.

    Shoot him a PM and see if you have any luck.
    that is a long time i tried pming him but haven't heard anything yet
  4. Circle suit repair?

    Hi, I have a nice ,clean circle suit with the snap off on one side
    Should I sew it back on or leave it off not to alter the suit? Does
    It matter much either way. ? Your thoughts will be appreciated
  5. The Immortal Iron Fist

    Head by N2LM (Matt Mejia) w/my paints; emblem by LaserMego; body, hands, shoes and a modified bodysuit from Doc Mego.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IF7.jpg 
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Name:	IF2.jpg 
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Name:	IF3.jpg 
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