View Full Version : NECA Rocky

Nov 7, '14, 4:32 PM

I like this figure a great deal. Hope they make a ring version and some of the other characters, too.

Nov 7, '14, 6:02 PM
Pretty cool. Who is carrying this figure?

Nov 7, '14, 8:46 PM
I bought him on Amazon for $29.99. I have their prime service so it was 2-day free shipping.

Brown Bear
Nov 7, '14, 8:54 PM
I was so excited to hear a mego-like Rocky was coming......that is until I saw it. I'll wait for Rocky in gloves and trunks. I dislike the expression and likeness on this choice.

Nov 8, '14, 4:45 AM
It's a cool figure. I don't care for the head either. Hopefully some different Mego-like Rockys are in the works.

Nov 8, '14, 8:38 AM
The head sculpt looks better in person. The flash drowns out the sculpt and paint job. But I had rather have a ring version. But everyone likes what they like.

Gorn Captain
Nov 8, '14, 9:02 AM
This is just the warm-up.
Support the line, buy this one, to make sure they get to the great ones, in their trunks and gloves.

Nov 8, '14, 11:11 AM
Every gift shop in Philly should be stocking these. I live on the set of that film. That's right. Russia. :)

I just might reach out NECA and see if they need a lil' help.

Nov 9, '14, 11:03 AM
Rocky Balboa: Vinegar Strokes edition

Nov 9, '14, 11:29 AM
Is the hat removable or is that part of the sculpt?