View Full Version : For Sale : BK Universal Monsters MIP

Evel KMego
Nov 2, '14, 8:24 PM
I have 2 Complete sets of the Burger King Universal Monsters for sale. All are sealed in the bags. $30.00 + shipping per set. Paypal preferred.

Thanks for looking, James


Nov 3, '14, 4:30 AM
good luck selling these ,Ive been trying for a few months.I think these are awesome,so I hope you get some takers.

Evel KMego
Nov 4, '14, 7:01 PM
Price dropped to $30.00 per set! Thanks, James.

Evel KMego
Nov 8, '14, 6:32 PM
Bump! Last shot $25.00 a set. Weird, everyone was talking how they needed these before Halloween, now it's crickets LOL......