View Full Version : Kreo-o GI Joe

Aug 9, '14, 8:26 AM
I've got quite a few doubles from a recent spurge on these blindbagged figures.

I'm primarily trying to get the Adventure Team Joes, and a few of my fave RAH.

Anybody interested in trading, send me a PM. Others looking to trade are also welcomed to post their haves and extras on this thread.

For Trade:

Atomic Man (have 2)
Dreadnok Ripper (have 2)
Dreadnok Torch
Tunnel Rat

Looking for:
Adventure Team Commander
Land Adventurer

Cobra BAT
Lady Jaye
Quick Kick

Bulletman (when he comes out)

Oct 22, '14, 1:10 PM
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I found series 5 at my local TRU today...bad news is there are no longer any codes on the bags....good news is Bulletman is incredibly easy to "feel out"...just search for the helmet...it's a dead give away