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kingdom warrior
Jul 16, '14, 7:10 PM
I had been kicking around this idea for some time now. I wanted to do a drawing as a fun thing to add to my portfolio. I had done some doodles, but do to other commitments didn't get to finally work it out until now.

Next to Mego's and Gi Joe, Big Jim and the Pack rank high up there in my toy world. So this is my
little homage to them.....and still wishing Mattel bring him and the pack back.....

Pencil on 14x17 Bristol


http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q290/MrAtomicThunder/BIGJIMSPACKPencilFinalDrAtomicThunder_zps985db5f3. jpg

The Inked Version Ink and Brush on 14x17 Bristol
http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q290/MrAtomicThunder/BogJimandhisWolfpackversion2DrAtomicThunder_zps211 6cca7.jpg

Earth 2 Chris
Jul 16, '14, 7:17 PM
Awesome! You kept just enough Kirby in there to homage while maintaining your own flavor. Great stuff!!!


Jul 16, '14, 7:19 PM
Wonderful--I like it a lot.

I'd like to see Big Jim return, too.

kingdom warrior
Jul 16, '14, 7:32 PM
Thanks Guys...Yup!!! Chris I had to throw Kirby in there just a little...it was his art that pulled me in to buy the Pack.

and Yes Scott, I agree I wish Mattel would bring the boys back. I loved this line so much!

Brown Bear
Jul 16, '14, 7:40 PM
OMG!!! That is freaking awesome!! If you emailed me a high-res pic of that I would hang that up in my man-cave with pride. Sweet tribute to P.A.C.K!! :heart:

kingdom warrior
Jul 16, '14, 7:44 PM
LOL!! Brown bear pm me...and thanks!

Jul 16, '14, 7:59 PM
Wow! That's very cool. :)

Jul 16, '14, 10:40 PM
Super drawing! Nice work, Steve! :hokay:

Jul 17, '14, 12:17 AM
outstanding! big jim commander was definitely in the mix for my childhood adventures!

kingdom warrior
Jul 17, '14, 8:30 AM
Thank you again everyone ,I appreciate it....now hopefully I can find time to ink it too....lol :)

Jul 17, '14, 9:14 AM
Amazing work Kingdom Warrior! I agree with Chris. You gave the Kirby treatment, but also made it your own. Love it! Very well done!!

kingdom warrior
Jul 17, '14, 7:49 PM
Thanks man Totally appreciate it!!! it would be great if Mattel could bring this back and modernize it. I could see an adventure cartoon done of them with some updates. Mattel could easily make anniversary versions of them.......I just don't understand it. This line did pretty good for them. With the right updates you could introduce them to a whole new generation of kids......

Jul 17, '14, 8:09 PM
That's so cool.

Jul 17, '14, 9:15 PM
That is a great looking piece of art. Wow!!! :beaming1:

Jul 22, '14, 3:19 AM
fantastic !!!! i love your art!!!

Aug 2, '14, 12:49 PM

Aug 2, '14, 2:29 PM
That's outstanding, Steve!

- Ian

Aug 2, '14, 3:01 PM
Just ran into this today !!!


kingdom warrior
Aug 6, '14, 1:56 PM
Thanks again guys, much appreciated.....


Big Tibo
Aug 19, '14, 5:07 AM
Hey I missed this thread ! Great job !
Do you think about inking it once ?

kingdom warrior
Aug 22, '14, 9:15 AM
Yes I inked it a few days ago....Here it is and also on the first page

http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q290/MrAtomicThunder/BogJimandhisWolfpackversion2DrAtomicThunder_zps211 6cca7.jpg

Brown Bear
Aug 22, '14, 9:20 AM
Freaking awesome!

Aug 22, '14, 10:00 AM
Wow. that looks great!