View Full Version : the best and worst megomeet for me this is a special thank you thread recap later

Jun 11, '14, 11:32 AM
as a few people know I had car troubles getting into west Virginia fixed car there then had problems on the way home . now for the good part. everybody kept making sure I was good. the friends made there are the best. a couple special l thanks to a few people who went way above and beyond being great friends.

chuck your the best anybody could have and I feel lucky to have you as a friend and to live close to you. not only did chuck pick me up he helped me figure out how to get others to and from the meet . we usually share a room and I hope to at the next megomeet.

john michaels thank you for being a great fiend and helping me every way you could by doing deals while I was away and tracking down buyers . you would be lucky to call john l a friend

toyman chris a great guy who not only gave me some great deals but let me and chuck use his car to get a couple people I brought down with me.

chad and sean thank you for bringing them guys back to the hotel . which was a 20 minute ride each way, not close.

scott brown thank you for letting me use your car twice to pickup and drop them guys off.

to all the members who were making sure I was ok thank you I appreciate it

you would be lucky to call any of these fine gentleman friends.

the friends on here are truly the best hands down. once you go and meet these guys you will see that and have to go back every year and that's why this was the best megomeet for me which ironically I picked up the least.

the real recap will be later I have a busy week but wanted to thank these guys before too long

Jun 11, '14, 1:20 PM
sorry forgot to add two important people
Ray and Collete thank you for bringing freed and john to their hotel a number of times and also for bringing them to Pittsburgh to catch the train.

Jun 11, '14, 4:27 PM
Glad you arrived & returned safely--it was such a pleasure meeting you.

Jun 11, '14, 4:41 PM
My pleasure meeting you I finally know the penguins identification now I can catch him . Mike

Jun 11, '14, 5:56 PM
Glad the fun of the Meet was not ruined by your car trouble. Having so many friends around like that at least helps. Glad you made it, always enjoy seeing and talking to you.

Jun 11, '14, 6:03 PM
It was great seeing you again Mike! I didn't even know you were having trouble as you always seem to be having fun.

Jun 11, '14, 6:47 PM
Mike....you are one hell of a guy. I know that I am happy to know you and my life is better for it. Thanks for always being such a great guy.

Jun 11, '14, 8:18 PM
Glad you made it home, Mike! Always good seeing you! Glad you had fun dispite the car issues.

Jun 11, '14, 9:08 PM
Anytime buddy, you know that. It was nothing you wouldn't have done for anyone else in the same situation. I guess MMX will be memorable, or perhaps one you can't forget. Just gonna have to make 11 more memorable. Either way, you're home safe and it's only 360 days until the next Meet.

Jun 11, '14, 9:31 PM
I'm happy we could help some and that you made it home OK. Wanted to give you extra sustenance for your wait until you got your car Monday and in the craziness right after the race forgot to get it out of the cooler :( pm me your address and I'll ship it up to you though!! Thank you again for the gummies, running the race, and the new chain. You rock man

Jun 11, '14, 10:02 PM
Class act Mike.

Jun 12, '14, 6:50 AM
the Meet wouldn't have been the same without ya bro.
And the car thing, yea...that's a real downer it had to happen on Meet weekend (or anytime for that matter) but we do what we do - we take care of our own.
Glad to help out and see ya next year!

Jun 12, '14, 8:07 AM
Mike you're a superstar, always happy to see you at the Meet, sorry about the issues with the vehicle.

Jun 12, '14, 10:20 AM
I'm glad you finally got back home Mike

Jun 12, '14, 11:09 AM
Alway great to see you Mike, was very cool hanging outside the hamptons on sunday afternoon chatting, before I left, I am sorry you had to go through the stress of car trouble.

Jun 12, '14, 1:57 PM
Yeah - like Paul said -you seemed chipper as usual so I had no idea you had car troubles on the way. Double stink for having more on the way home.
You are awesome! Glad to see you again this year. This years key chain rocked! And the pic I took with you batman mask really turned out cool. I wish I had had time to go through your stuff. I still had at least half the tables to go through and it was time to go.