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Jun 10, '14, 1:37 PM
4 years ago was my first Mego meet and looking back now I cant believe I gave my brother a hard time about it lol, I guess you can Dub me the Mego Meet Pest now for my September countdown start ups lol I know its gotta drive Steve crazy :) ... But I guess that is all a Testiment and Endorsement to what this Event is Really is... A family Reunion of sorts because thats what it is, I texted John Farley this morning replying to his Pleasantries and Thanks and responded to him... It's like a wedding however may hours it is it just isnt enough time it's a blurr... You turn 1 way then another before you know it your head is spinning then every one is packing up and before you know it your leaving Sunday morning and you haven't even said good bye to everyone.
Every year you put a Face to a name New or Old... I think most of us Social networking now with each other as Friends eases the transition even more... I walked in and felt like a rock star lol Hey Kev or Bronxboykev!!! It gives you this feeling of ease and comfort. So many people to Thank and the fear of leaving someone out is always an issue, so I will do my best to thank everyone that made the Bronx contingent feel like one of the family and extend apologies now as well if we forgot you.

Steve and Brian for getting it all together and making it happen and for Liking the Mego Meet X display piece so much that will be used for as long as it holds out... and then we may just have to make another one :)
Scott (Ax) Pierce a friend from the end of the first meet on... Watching Dominique ALMOST Brainstorming with you is something to see... I cant express how much it means to us and her that you entertain her visions... As always a pleasure.
Roberto and Tom who always leave with a bundle of my money... and if they were different people would leave with a whole lot more of it, the deals are greatly appreciated... Berto has been Dubbed the Willie Wonka of MEGO'S, well I'm adding another moniker to him ENCYCLOPEDIA MEGO... always there for me and I am sure everyone else, to make sure that I have all the details that will ensure I and you are getting the real deal.
John Farley Thank You For making some of the damn finest Customs on the planet... Until Mego meet I had not been a Customs Guy But my first glimps of His Doc Oct I knew one day I would own one... Well I don't have to Drool over his anymore lol... and for the early morning Texts before the sun comes up :) lol You are the man my friend.
Paul Wasson... for putting up with my many instant messages for decals and accessories that help me to see my Project come to fruition... and for the Best DAMN WEDDING CAKE TOPPER EVER!!! I know I dont have to tell anyone that not is just his work ACES but the MAN IS AS WELL!!!
Brian Leitner... for putting up with my tons of e mails dogging him about what can be redy next and when lol, Your work is Amazing as is your Paitence. Thank you too for helping me see this project to come to fruition as well. Yes Brian you will be getting an e mail in the next few days to see what we have on deck next... lol
Doc... Can't leave out the Doctor for all of our customs would go bootless or beltless or headless etc... and for keeping the 8 inch hobby dear to him... and for always giving the best deals!!! and just engaging conversation overall!!!
Austin Huff... From entertaining Dominiques Questions and Haggleing with her lol and for Selling off your Storm to make Her BFF and our "Adopted daughter" Amber a happy first timer. A true Gentelman and a pleasure to be around and talk to... And for coming thru with great sculpts and costumes for me when needed... BTW your going to get an instant message soon lol
Scott Arendson... brother in AJ LOL forget Mego Meet, Scott is another one I have on ALMOST DAILY speed messaging lol... THANKS FOR THE FRIENDSHIP AND ADVICE!!! And the great AJ STUFF!!!
Chad...For making some peoples dreams come tru by seeing your Shark Project to a successful I am not going to say end because its just beginning. Thank you.
SamNoir... For being just one of the NICEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD I OR ANYONE ELSE HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF MEETING... Your time for the kids and the Drawings fantastic!!! and I will push Brian L for the Dove White Lantern next just for you lol.
Chris the toyman... For scooping up the boxed AE set... I still dont like you lol :) The CUSTOM AUCTION dance was fun my friend one of the highlights of the wekend... Dominique really enjoyed the Tet a tet lol... and for dealing for the Catwoman for a Bday present for Ambers Mom... But next year you cant just say its on... you gotta say It's ON AND POPPING LOL.
Scott A... Damn we have too many damn Scotts... For engaging the Mrs. with Her Lost Fixation... Thank you for entertainig all her Questions and the Advice you gave her.
Bru... For donning the costumes that delight the kids and the Kid in all of us!!!
Scott Brown and Tony Ditrapp... My biggest fans of the Customs I attempt... wish I was able to bring the Joes, Atomic Man and the White Lanterns along to Display. Maybe next year I will think about getting a display table. Maybe one day I will start to think that my Custome belong alongside of all of the Heavy hitters here.

My Brother Scott even though you were not here this year, Thank you for being there and getting me back into the Mego Hobby... and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU here in the Museum and on Facebook For getting me into the Customizing Hobby!!!



Jun 10, '14, 1:59 PM
Great to see everyone again. The customs display was very cool. Fantastic way to display the awesome work done at the Meet.

Random Axe
Jun 10, '14, 2:13 PM
Each Meet becomes less and less toy show and more and more family reunion. I'm an only child and my wife's family I'm not particularly fond of, so I basically have almost no support system or family to speak of...except the first weekend in June. I only recently started using facebook so I'll keep up with a bunch of you that way. Kevin is a perfect example of someone blending right in with everyone. It wouldn't seem right not having you there my friend.

Jun 10, '14, 2:21 PM
Glad to see there, sorry we did not get a chance to chat. With it being so packed this year, I know I missed saying hi some people.

Jun 10, '14, 2:32 PM
Always a pleasure my friend.

Jun 10, '14, 2:37 PM
It was a pleasure seeing you again. But the real treat was actually watching how much fun you girls were having. I heard one of them actually say they were going to start saving all their money for next years meet. That is what it is all about!

Jun 10, '14, 3:12 PM
You and your clan are a shining beacon of light at the Meet, truly a family event when lovely folks like you and yours show up.

Jun 10, '14, 5:47 PM
Great to see you and your lovely wife again! Also, thanks for clearing out my table :grin:

Jun 10, '14, 6:45 PM
Kevin, you let your contingent know.......It's on and POPPIN!!

Seriously, great seeing you again. Always great spending time with you and your family!